15 good reasons to get a massage

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Le massage - scene de hammam - musee des Augustins Toulouse - photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
Le massage, scène de hammam (musée des Augustins, Toulouse) – Photo source: Flickr / Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Getting a massage, to most, feels like a luxury; something to pamper ourselves. We appreciate how great it feels to the point of offering it as a gift to our loved ones, yet we may feel reluctant to invest is getting a regular massage ourselves because we may not fully comprehend why massage is actually very beneficial.

In many ways, massage plays an integral part in restoring and maintaining good health and well-being, since it offers tangible physical benefits and also promotes emotional balance. The people of the East recognise this, such that traditionally, in countries like India, China and Thailand, giving massage to family members has been, and is, a cultural norm.

Here are fifteen very good reasons to treat yourself to a regular massage as part of your self-care regime for health and happiness:

01. Massage alleviates stress

Stress is the foremost single cause of illness in the world. Regular massage relaxes the body and mind and stimulates blood flow, thus reducing the risk of stress related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

02. It releases endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s natural “feel-good” hormones; they are also released during exercise, sport, and sex.

03. It reduces depression and anxiety

Endorphins also act as a pain-killer and tension-reliever, thus being very beneficial for people suffering from depression and anxiety-related disorders.

04. Massage promotes circulation

There are various massage techniques, and many are designed to release tension and stimulate blood flow to the organs and tissues.

05. Massage promotes tissue regeneration and generally improves the condition of the skin

Improved circulation carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs, helping them detox, regenerate, and heal.

06. It slows down the ageing process

As more oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues and organs throughout the body, they are rejuvenated.

07. It exercises weak, wasting or tight muscles

During massage, muscles are strengthened, toned, and relaxed by the passive exercise resulting from techniques such as kneading and stretching.

08. It relaxes injured, tired and strained muscles

Gentle or deep-tissue techniques can be applied to help release tension in muscles, increase blood flow, and help them heal.

09. It reduces spasms and cramps

Muscles are healthier as there is an increase in blood flow, which increases oxygen levels and reduces the lactic acid trapped in them.

10. It increases flexibility

Flexibility is increased as muscles relax and become less tight.

11. It promotes good sleep

A relaxed body and mind and a good dose of endorphins help promote sound, uninterrupted sleep, which is also an essential requirement for good health and a peaceful mind.

12. It reduces fatigue and boosts energy

Massage is simultaneously relaxing and revitalising, although a good therapist will know how to focus on a specific desired outcome. It is relaxing because the body and mind are allowed to release tension, while the increased blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients boosts energy.

13. Massage improves concentration and clarity

The brain also has much to benefit from increased blood flow and oxygen levels: it is sharper and more efficient.

14. It alleviates many emotional and physical conditions

Due to the beneficial effects of massage on body and mind, immunity is boosted and one experiences a general sense of well-being.

15. It feels good!

Let’s admit it, it just feels great to lie down, relax and enjoy a bit of pampering. Few things that feel so good are actually that good for you!


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