It’s wedding season – how to eat canapes gracefully

canapePartiesGlide gracefully through the wedding season with our guide on how to eat canapes.

The art of eating at events including weddings is one to master. You probably aren’t going to have a ‘proper’ meal so make the correct judgement on how many to consume. And talking of consumption, beware of drinking too much; when your glass is always being topped up, it is difficult to keep track, but take into account the fact that you may not be eating at the right level to absorb the alcohol.

Instead of dreading the salvas of canapés going round, use my simple tips  to enjoy them.

Some party organisers don’t consider the actual act of consumption when preparing foods and so some can appear daunting.

1. Take a napkin.

2. Always try and eat a canapé in one mouthful.

3. Don’t speak with your mouth full – unless you need to alert guests to a fire / serious incident, and even then try to remember to cover your mouth with your hand.

4. If the canapés near you at the time look too cumbersome, politely decline and wait for something more manageable to come round.

5. Take care not to fill yourself up if a pre-dinner  drinks event. In England, it is considered poor form even to take two!

6. If the canapés are on sticks, spoons and the like, check the tray for a place to dispose of them, or hang onto them till an appropriate tray passes by.

7. Never dip your canapé back into the sauce once you’ve taken a bite.

8. Please don’t place half-eaten canapés on trays that are still going around.

9. Do thank the waiting staff when being served.

Mr Right

Mr Right bases himself on Carson from the wonderful Downton Abbey. He gains pleasure from educating mere mortals with etiquette tips. His favourite pastimes include making quince jam and flower arranging.

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