What NOT to wear to a wedding

Wedding season is upon us and so is the panic of what to wear. Let Mr Right give you a few tips.

1- Do not wear white / ivory / cream, please.

2 – Cover up. Boobs and bums should be kept out of sight – have some respect.

3 – Don’t try to upstage the bride – you won’t.

4 – If you can’t wear your shoes for the whole event, have a spare pair that you can change in to. Only beach weddings should see you barefoot.

5 – Hopefully you know the couple getting married well enough to steer clear of the colour the bridesmaids are wearing.

6 – If someone is wearing the same as you, she’s not a bitch, she just has the same taste.

7 – Men should wear a shirt that they are happy to show off if it’s too hot for a jacket. Better to take the jacket off than have sweat patches, trust me.

Mr Right

Mr Right bases himself on Carson from the wonderful Downton Abbey. He gains pleasure from educating mere mortals with etiquette tips. His favourite pastimes include making quince jam and flower arranging.

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