How to BBQ the Mr Right way

butler white glovesEveryone likes BBQ season, but there is a lot of work involved. Do issue invites as if a regular lunch / dinner invitation and stipulate any dress codes, ie, if around the pool and guests are welcome to take a dip, let them know to bring swimwear and towels. Have mosquito spray, extra towels and fire blanket to hand. Have plenty of iced water to counteract the effects of daytime drinking.

  • Ensure that the barbecue is lit and ready before guests arrive. Remember how long it takes! You don’t want starving guests
  • Have a vegetarian option planned – and don’t cook this on the same grill (tip – use a disposable tray for these dishes)
  • Have all your side dishes ready and stored correctly, so all that is required is uncovering them at the appropriate time.
  • Make sure there is plenty of shade if you are hosting your event during the day.
  • Instruct family and helpers to restock drinks in the fridge as the event progresses.
  • Have enough seating; BBQ food may be more casual, but must still be enjoyed and seated is the best way.
  • Have dips a-plenty in case the charring takes longer than expected.
  • Inform your neighbours of the upcoming event – if you like them, invite them. It saves on complaints about their smoked filled garden and won’t give them chance to spoil the atmosphere with complaints about your noise levels!

 Don’t get stuck for recipes – check out the Food & Drink pages – or email for ideas.

Mr Right

Mr Right bases himself on Carson from the wonderful Downton Abbey. He gains pleasure from educating mere mortals with etiquette tips. His favourite pastimes include making quince jam and flower arranging.

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