4 ways to free your body and mind with dance in Malta

Free Dance
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Dancing is so underestimated. Most people imagine it is just for young people, or that you need a special skill. We forget that people have been dancing ever since the emergence of the first tribes, that very young children dance naturally when they hear a rhythm. In fact, it is the most natural thing available to mankind that can create simultaneous feelings of connection and freedom. Most of us spend our entire lives living in our minds, in the realm of thought. When we dance, we move into our body and our mind becomes still as we surrender to the music and allow it to move us in its flow. By dancing, we can experience the bliss of pure being and presence. Furthermore, it unites people in a synchronised rhythm, reviving feelings of connection with others. What’s more, dancing is excellent exercise and always good fun. Here are four suggestions to free your body and mind with dance in Malta:


Chakradance is based on the principle of the seven major energy chakras responsible for the energy field within and surrounding our body, each of which influences an aspect of our lives. Tribal dancing is used to awaken the root chakra, which is linked to our roots, survival and grounding, in the dance of instincts. Slow, sensual and fluid movements of the hips and belly are used to awaken the sacral chakra in the dance of sensuality. Fast, dynamic movements ignite the fire in our belly, fuelling our dance with energy and strength to awaken the solar plexus chakra in the dance of power. Light movements, with twirling and wide arms, create a feeling of freedom and upliftment to awaken the heart chakra in the dance of love. Movement is combined with sound, intensifying self-expression and creativity, to awaken the throat chakra in the dance of expression. Simple and repetitive movements allow the dancer to reach a meditative state so as to awaken the third eye chakra in the dance of intuition. The dance of the crown chakra – the dance of the soul – is a devotional dance; this meditative sacred dance is a dancing prayer, the soul’s turn to dance.

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Contact Improvisation

The flip side of the internal journey of Chakradance is Contact Improvisation, or Contact Impro as it is also known. Contact improvisation is an improvised dance form practiced by two or more people who keep a physical point of contact between their bodies while moving freely at their own pace without music. Rolling and weight sharing are often involved, and practitioners tend to draw from other Somatics, or methods that provoke long-term transformation in people’s ways of being, relating, and perceiving, such as yoga and T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

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Biodanza is one such Somatics approach, designed specifically to restore long-term balance to mind, body, spirit, instincts and emotions. During a session, a person experiences particular physiological and psychological changes in response to a varied selection of music to inspire different moods: pleasure, laughter, tenderness, vitality and connection with others. Each class is carefully designed to develop specific qualities of movement and new ways to experience yourself. The session is guided within the safe space which is created collectively by the group.

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Art of the Free Spirit Dance

At the other extreme is Art of the Free Spirit Dance, which has no rules and no intended outcome. It is intended to facilitate each person’s truest form of pure expression and as a great opportunity for release on all levels. Dancers are encouraged to ‘let go’ of any inhibitions and just be exactly who they need to be through their movement, whether stomping out frustration, softening into tears or prancing with joy.

“This is a space where there is no more labels, no more borders, where the illusion of separation dwells no more – just you and your free flow.”

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Written by Melanie Drury

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