5 things to keep in mind before taking off

Before taking off

School holidays are almost over, companies are getting back to normal, so now is the time for a long-awaited break. Away from it all.

Here are five things to keep in mind before taking off on your vacation:

1. Research luggage allowances

All airlines have different guidelines with regards to luggage so check online before you start packing. Apart from an inconvenience to you if you end up having to disperse your belongings in your hand luggage, you will be delaying other passengers at the check-in desk. Do remember that you need to observe this also on your return, especially if you plan on doing some shopping. Consider packing a portable digital luggage scale.

2. Liquids in hand luggage

Liquids, creams, pastes etc should not contain more than 100ml each. These should be placed in clear plastic bags – usually one bag per person is allowed. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate and for baby food. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to check the airline’s policy before you pack.

3. Arrive at the airport well in advance

Once you checked-in your luggage, calculate a good amount of time to get through security and the gate. The larger the airport, the more time you need to take into consideration. Avoid having your name called out on the PA system as that would mean you are keeping all the other passengers waiting. It’s just a matter of presence.

4. Prepare your documents

If there is something that annoys passengers when travelling, it’s a slow mover. There are security points to go through, flights to catch and connections to make. All it takes is focus and presence. And a bit of courtesy to others. So passport and boarding pass, whether printed or digital on your mobile, must be handy to be presented when required.

5. Do not carry more than the allowed hand baggage

How many times have you had to stow your hand luggage far from your seat? Overhead compartments should hold enough luggage but when you add duty free shopping to your hand luggage and your ‘small’ crossbody bag, you now have three bags. Some airlines will stop you at the gate and will not allow you to board unless you send your extra luggage off. So think before, to avoid delaying the boarding process.

When you board, relax and enjoy your flight.

And one small thing to keep in mind on the aircraft – the passenger in the middle seat should get to use both arm rests. So if you are seated by the window or aisle and the passenger in the middle seat is no close acquaintance of yours, give them the space they need.

Happy holidays!

Ramona Galea

Ramona is an International Etiquette Coach and an avid believer of the importance these soft skills have nowadays. This passion kicked off from a young age when she questioned why elbows couldn’t stay on the table and her inquisitiveness continued and she founded First Class Etiquette, to address the developing need for people’s understanding of the importance of international business and social etiquette. It really is not just about elbows but confidence, attitude, assertiveness and knowing the how, the when and the why we do things. Amongst her hectic schedule, her two biggest indulgences are travelling with her family and reading with an Aperol Spritz in quiet surroundings - just being away from it all to de-stress.

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