6 Lockdown Lifestyle Habits We’d Like To Keep

With lockdown measures being slowly lifted, we’re adjusting to the “New Normal”. To keep safe and respect our healthcare workers, we can now venture out to the shops in a protective facemask, but many of us are still spending most of our time indoors.

We really, really miss a good catch-up over a perfectly made cappuccino at an outdoor cafe, and the day we can glam up for a fancy restaurant date in our favourite heels can’t come soon enough! However, believe it or not there are some things we’ve come to love about this strange time in history, such as tending to plants, contacting old friends, getting creative and practicing gratitude. Here are just a handful of lifestyle habits we’d like to keep on in the longterm, pretty please.

Outdoor exercise

Illustrations by Tarn Ellis

With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, we’ve taken to home workouts and long walks as a way to get our energy out and try our hardest to keep active while we’re unable to attend our favourite Pilates classes. What we’ve realised is that we really don’t need treadmills for every workout, and a jog along the seafront provides the fitness benefits along with a beautiful view. Beach yoga and pushups in the park are the new crossfit!

Flexible working hours

Illustration by Tarn Ellis

Working remotely from home has taught us that the normal 9-5 structure might not be just right for everyone. The benefits of not commuting are not only environmentally friendly, but they mean we have more time to wake up properly before cracking on with our day’s work. Taking breaks throughout the day and working at “unconventional” hours works better for some people. If you’re an early riser, make the most out of your daybreak inspiration. If your best work comes to you in the evening, it’s a great idea to get some fresh air during the day.

Home-cooked meals

Illustration by Tarn Ellis

Apart from those quarantine cravings and perfecting the ultimate Victoria sponge cake, we’ve been eating much more intuitively during lockdown, lavishing in the joy of cooking dishes from scratch, and fuelling our bodies with fresh ingredients rather than lunches on the go. Once the dust’s settled, we might not have this much time on our hands, but setting aside a couple of hours on a weekend to prepare home “ready meals” for the freezer would be a welcome adjustment. We’ve also got into the habit of FaceTiming friends and relatives whilst cooking!

Spending more wisely

Illustration by Tarn Ellis

If you’ve noticed a significant reduction in your consumer habits, ask yourself- have you really missed out on all that much? We don’t really need those weekly Zara trips, and once “All This” has blown over, you might be more well inclined to organise an intimate dinner party for friends for the same price as a meal out for two. Put your extra savings aside for your future travel fund when you can book that flight!

Quiet nights in

Illustration by Tarn Ellis

We never thought we’d say this, but not that we’ve realised we can live without every single one of our evening arrangements, we’ve adjusted to the kimono and biography in bed lifestyle quite nicely. Not all events are worth going to, and if you feel it might be a waste of makeup, you might be better off spending the evening with a bowl of popcorn and a juicy crime drama instead, waking up well-rested for the day ahead! Journalling and practicing hobbies like sewing and painting are a welcomed form of self care, and great for your mental health.

Home beauty regimes

Illustration by Tarn Ellis

Without our beautician and hairdressers appointments, we’ve been getting creative at home. Who knew that a homemade facemask of storecupboard ingredients could be just as effective as pricey products? We’re loving turmeric at the moment, and a paste made from the superfood spice with a little natural yoghurt works wonders for revitalising and purifying your complexion. A coconut oil hair mask and a shower cap is a nourishing way to combat dry tresses, and a luxurious home pedicure isn’t so bad, promise!


The images in this article are by illustrator Tarn Ellis. If you love her work, make sure to check out her Etsy site for prints and more! 

Nicole Parnis
Nicole Parnis

Nicole is a culture writer and lifestyle journalist with a passion for fashion, food, music and anything retro. She indulges by thrifting her Sundays away at flea markets, followed by a cappuccino or two in a pretty village square.