A meeting of the minds… indulge sits down with the Balluta Boys

Let’s talk about Six. The 6th edition of the exceptionally popular Comedy Knights begins its run on Boxing Day. Among the indelible characters that form part of the troupe’s repertoire are of course the brilliant Balluta Boys… and indulge.com.mt was absolutely delighted at the opportunity to sit down with this charismatic trio in the run up to their next highly-anticipated appearance.. and, among other things we learned much about the art of non-sequiturs… 

First of all, how would each of you introduce yourselves?
Beppe – Mhux with words, Qanna? What sort of journalist are you?
Nick – You believe! What a tuba this babe is!
Beppe – You’re calling me a tuba?
Nick –No! This Paula is the tuba.
Jeremy – I like oblongs. They are my favourite shape.
Nick – What?
Jeremy – I thought we were talking about geometry, you know what I mean?
Beppe – Eh! Like where the countries are u hekk.
Nick – You believe?

(No, actually, I don’t…) So, how did you earn the moniker The Balluta Boys?
Nick – Because we are from Mosta, you believe?
Jeremy – You’re from Mosta dude?
Beppe – He’s being ironic, qanna.
Jeremy – Anna is from Mosta? I thought she was from Fortina.
Nick – Irony! Irony!
Jeremy – My nannu takes irony tablets for low blood pressure.
Beppe – That’s iron.
Jeremy – You’re sleepy?
Nick – That’s ghajjien. Ironic is like Alanis Morissette.
Jeremy – Alanis Morissette is sleepy? I’m very confused. Know what I mean?

(You’re not the only one, Jeremy.) So, next question, what do you actually do when you’re not sitting on your bar stools?
Jeremy – I’m getting into Blockchain, you know what I mean?
Nick – Hekk, in the bedroom? Like Fifty Shades of Grey?
Jeremy – No, I just bought some Bitcoin, Ethereum and Kannacoin.
Beppe – Kannacoin?
Jeremy – Ah, some dude from Nigeria sold it to me by email.
Nick – Do you know him?
Jeremy – No, but he must be important, cos he told me he is Mr Nigeria.
Beppe – And who are you? Mr Malta? Qanna.
Jeremy – No, not qanna. Kanna. Kanna coin.
Nick – You believe?

(I think I swallowed a kanna with this gig… ) *ahem*.  Your phones seem to be surgically implanted to your fingers, you know what I mean? In fact, how long can you each survive without your phones in your hands?
Beppe – Survive without phones? Qanna, mela this is the third world?
Jeremy – We’re in the third world? Like in Lord of the Rings, know what I mean?
Nick – That’s Middle Earth.
Jeremy – Like the wires in the plug. That is earth hux?
Beppe – You’re an electrician jaqaw?
Jeremy – I just have lots of knowledge. I get it from my phone.
Beppe – Dude I’m just noticing; your phone is dead.
Jeremy – It’s not dead, it just has this black screen, all the time.
Nick – Dude, have you never turned your phone on?
Jeremy – I don’t know.
Beppe – That is why you never get my WhatsApp messages, qanna.
Jeremy – What’s App?
Nick – You believe? What did you even think the phone was for?
Jeremy – To look at myself on the screen.

Ohhhh….kaaayyyy boys, let’s get to some serious matters – for you, what was the most important world event this year?
Beppe – A.I., qanna.
Nick – Who is A.I. Anna.
Jeremy – It’s initials dude. A.I. Anna. Like DJ Banana. Know what I mean?
Nick – I like DJ Banana. You believe.
Beppe – Guys why are we talking about DJ Banana? I wanted to talk about A.I., qanna.
Jeremy – Is she a DJ?
Beppe – No! I mean robots, and artificial intelligence and clones.
Jeremy – What is a clone?
Nick – What you eat ice cream in.

(Uh huh). So, what are your plans for the Christmas Season?
Jeremy – I don’t make plans. I’m very hekk, spontaneous. Know what I mean?
Beppe – Everyone has spots dude. That shouldn’t stop you from going out. You need to be body positive. Qanna.
Jeremy – It’s true. Anna is always positive.
Nick – We’ve got tickets for that show dude. The Comedy Knights. You believe?
Beppe – Ah yes. I like that show. But they do a bit in it about boys from Balluta, and I don’t understand it.
Jeremy – Neither me.

*eyeroll*. And finally (finally!), what are your favourite indulgences?
Nick – I like babes.
Jeremy – Like the pig in the movie?
Beppe – I like playing football.
Nick – At Luxol?
Beppe – As if. On the computer hux.
Jeremy – I like to drive my car. It’s a Porsche. But the other day it got towed.
Beppe – I didn’t know you had kids…

At this point we felt it was time to wrap up the interview. To get more of the Balluta Boys’ brilliance, you can book tickets to Let’s Talk About Six, the Comedy Knights’ sixth annual appointment with audiences, can be purchased from www.comedyknights.com. The show is powered by XFM and sponsored by Revolut, Strongbow, Carlsberg, Marks & Spencer, Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors, Indulge Me Gift, findit, and the Malta Digital Exchange.

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