A New Age for Beige

Locally, model and influencer Sarah Zerafa has been one of the main advocates for the new beige craze, wearing it in a magazine shoot last December and numerous times in her photos since. Here, she gives us some examples of how to make beige work in all its glorious shades and shapes.


But what is this new-found love for beige exactly?

Well, for the longest time, beige was a non-colour; used almost exclusively as a filler and acceptable only in the shape of an iconic Burberry trench. Now, the fashion world has fallen in love with the versatility and subdued beauty of beige, with spring 2018-catwalks being awash with its many hues.

Indeed, not since the days of colonialism and Empire has beige been so popular. Except, maybe, in spring 2009, when beige had its last heyday, leading Vogue to comment that ‘fashion’s strength this season comes from its quiet authority’ – something which is certainly reflected in this year’s top looks.

Looking at the trends of the upcoming season, beige is omnipresent in its various shades, like taupe, nude, flesh, mushroom, sand, tan, coffee, ‘contemporary oatmeal’, and ‘stony ground’ – yes, really.


And many fashion houses – including Tom Ford, Burberry, Balmain, Dior and MaxMara – opted for full head-to-toe looks in beige; while others, like Emilia Wicksted and Roksanda, added a touch of colour with pastel coats, colourful shoes or black accessories.

The general consensus, it seems – at least according to the catwalks and Instagram fashionistas – is that beige is now a mood rather than a colour. In other words, the outfit has to be wholly beige, in various shades of beige, or built around beige. So, browns and pastels that complement beige work wonders. Nevertheless, that may not always be practical on a day-to-day basis, and some influencers are also using beige to contrast their outfits by adding just a touch of it through their accessories, scarves or jackets.

Fendi backstage – VIittorio Zunino/Getty Images

When opting to add beige to your look, we recommend keeping it in-season, with loose-fitting suits, oversized blazers, or leather skirts, dresses, trousers and shirts. Feel free to layer it on, too, as gypsy- and bohemian-chic-inspired looks are what will make your beige outfit stand out. Also, don’t forget to mix and match materials and fabrics – like pairing satin and faux fur, or leather and wool, to give your outfit depth, texture and life.


By Iggy Fenech

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