Acting from a place of love

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One of my favorite sayings is ” Always do what you love. When that is not possible, do things with love, and the outcome will always be the same”. I’ve learnt to trust that acting on faith and from a place of love can drastically change the world. It changes the way we see the world. The world is not bad or good. The world is what we choose to selectively see.

I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t or need to understand someone else. All I need to do is drop my expectations of whom they should be and listen with a supporting heart.

There is something amazing that is brought about by the compassion we show to the world. And often enough, the link between each other is so strong, that whatever we project out into the world, that is projected back to us. That is our blessing.

Acting from a place of love does more than humor the people that come in contact with our actions. Acting from a place of trust speaks of the faith we are showing firstly to ourselves. Wellbeing comes from inside ourselves, and it is a choice we need to constantly make over our egos, our stories and the identities built in our minds.

The important things do not come from outside ourselves. They do not require earning, gaining or searching for. They already are within us. We have to allow ourselves the courage to use what is already present.

I’ve always believed that who people are is unimportant. In the end, we all are the same. Their past, their stories are mere distractions from an inner beauty that we all carry within ourselves, regardless of the circumstances our egos put us in. There are no special people. There are no distinctions that can be made amongst ourselves. Not amongst what is truly important.

We choose to value as we find compatibilities, as we strive to fix, change and fill ourselves. Blind to that which we already are, that which is more than enough.

Our connection is. We just hide from it, getting lost in changes we believe we have to make. Silly beliefs that happiness is something we need to work or wait for. The external is merely a projection of our inner expectations, our fears. More often than not, it is the confusion of our egos’ desperation to form an identity, trying to understand that which just needs to be accepted.

Thus, regardless of how my words may sound to each one of you, I kindly ask that you take them as nothing more than mere pointers.

So, I end this from my place of peace. My path has never steered me wrong, and I choose to trust that which I am blessed to experience. I choose to act out from that place. I choose to love. To love people. To live with enthusiasm. To trust. To allow. To welcome. To accept that the world is abundant.

Much love,



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