Adrian Scicluna, Multidisciplinary Artist

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For a start, introduce yourself…
My name is Adrian Scicluna. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist. Although I practice painting, sculpture, video and installation these last few years I have been focusing predominantly on developing my painting processes which ties thematically to contemporary everyday life.

How did you get started on your current artistic endeavours?
The experience of living away from my wife and 2 very young children while studying for my Masters (Fine Art) in London influenced my art practice and theoretical research I explore today.

What genre do you consider your work to be?
Portrayal of the contemporary landscape

Describe your work in less than 10 words.
Fragmented landscapes with poetic narratives of fears and desires.

Where was your first exhibition held?
Goldener Kentaur Award, Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich Germany

How long have you been practising your art?

I started studying and practicing art in the late 90’s.

Which is your favourite from among your own artworks?
I have not got any particular favourites. Each artwork has its own personal narrative and reflects specific concerns and thoughts. Each artwork has personal value – so it is difficult for me to choose a particular painting.

Whose artist’s work are you most inspired by?
Dexter Dalwood is one example.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Resting in Peace…

What is the epitome of happiness for you?
Finding inner peace.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a new series of paintings where realities are portrayed to form new parts of a whole new meaning.

Are you a morning person or do you come alive at night?
Night person.

How many coffees a day? Don’t embellish.
I love coffee. I always have in stock a variety of different coffee beans from around the world and naturally I take several freshly ground coffees every day.

Sundays can be very productive for some and very unproductive for others. How do you spend yours?
Juggling between family and art

Wine and cheese. Yes or no?
Yes! Yes!

If you were given a million euros, what would you indulge yourself with?
Probably travel abroad in a fun vintage car and do artsy activities along the way then continue my art practice!

Favourite place to holiday?
Chile with all its rich variety of landscapes and climates including the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, Santiago, Chiloe…

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