Amazing Budget Skin Care

I do love my products! I’m sure if you’ve followed my posts over the years you can tell that I like to try new things quite often.

One thing that doesn’t sway my opinion before I buy something is the price. By this I mean, I don’t think something has to be expensive to be good or effective, far from it!

I ran out of all my skin care this month and while I already use a lot of budget friendly items, I found myself stuck because I’ve had some issues with shipping and Covid so am hesitant to repurchase from some of the sites I usually do for the time being.

Anyway what got me wanting to talk about my favourite budget beauty items?

A day cream from lidl which was €1.99!

I’m telling you this cream is so good as a daily moisturiser. I’ve heard about the lidl range before and that it had won awards but I never really minded the skin care when I was in that aisle until a few weeks ago when I picked it up, curiously.

It smells like an old school moisturiser so the instant nostalgia was a big plus for me (I know fragrance isn’t ideal in skin care but I like it)

It’s just creamy enough that it’s not greasy, hydrates and goes on beautifully under makeup or mixed with it.

Here are some of my top favourite buys that won’t break the bank!

  • everything from the ordinary!!…. my faves are glycolic acid, Rose hip oil and Marula oil
  • CeraV face range
  • Rimmel foundations
  • Body shop vitamin c daily cleanser
  • Vaseline lip range
  • Palmers line of cocoa butter products
  • L’Oréal gel eye liner

You really don’t have to spend a fortune on a lot of cosmetics, if you familiarise yourself with ingredients you will see a lot of similarities between products. That being said, it’s really nice to indulge in Luxury beauty when you like too! X

Kim Kiernan

Makeup Artist & Beauty Columnist

Kim provides professional makeup services in Malta for any occasion, working in all areas of makeup including Bridal, photographic, television, film and special effects as well as teaching makeup lessons one to one and to groups. With over 10 years experience, Kim has worked with the biggest and most sought after brands in the industry, internationally with MAC, Smashbox and Estee Lauder in Dublin and Toronto and most recently, heading the MAC Cosmetics brand in it's launch in Malta.

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