An idea became a tradition: Hike Malta with Ray

Meet Ray and one of his specialities: Organising hikes that has become small tradition over the last couple of years.

It is Sunday, 12:45 at the Skatepark, Msida. The first people are waiting for the transport, that has been organised by Ray as well, to arrive. The group consist of international students, people who are doing an internship in Malta and locals as well as tourists. The adventure of this day will be a Hike to the St. Peters pool, guided by Ray, who is also working at the University Residence in Lija.

The transport fee is 3,50 Euro, but the bus prices usually vary between 2 and 5 Euro, including return and depending on the destination. The first group is leaving Skatepark at 13:00 and it stops in Ħal Lija at the University Residence to collect more participants. At least two busses are needed for all the people who want to spend a great Sunday hiking.

Ray’s initial Idea is not to show people the Island at all. “The hikes are for everyone, for the people, to get to know each other and to spend a great time together.” he said. “Especially the students are becoming more and more like a family. Showing Malta and see places is great and everything but my idea is to connect people!”

And with that statement he mentions, that everyone is welcome to join. The average age is the typical age of students who are between 20 and 28 years old but that doesn’t exclude you.

“Of course everyone can join! The more we are, the greater the overall experience gets.”, Ray mentions.

After arriving at the destination, the Hike starts. “Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, sun cream, water and food as well as a light jacket, because you will walk a lot.” is Ray’s wise advice he gives to everyone before the adventure. The walking tour to the St. Peters pool started with some hidden paths that give you an outstanding view over Marsaxlokk.

After that the group had the chance to eat something at the bay, before the journey continued to Il-Kalanka tal-Gidien – a place that gives you a breath-taking view over the sea. After a small break there, the hike continues to the final destination: The St. Peters Pool.

As an experienced hike-organisor, Ray knows what people enjoy and what they want to do so therefore he makes various stops at different places so people can, for instance, swim or just relax.

His last Hike will be on Sunday, May 13, 2018 to Gozo. That will be the final hike of the year and as he likes to describe it with his own words: “This is the best Hike so don’t forget to book your place”.

Look up Hike-Event on Facebook and, of course, show up on time so you won’t miss the transport.



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