ART: Elisa Von Brockdorf talks to Amber Knights

Elisa is a gifted individual whose use of objects and space combine together harmoniously to produce imaginative and ingenious art pieces.

What drew me to Elisa are her installations. It is a genre that encompasses three-dimensional works that transform an ordinary space into a ‘living’ work of art. An installation can either be a temporary or permanent fixture that is meant to invoke thoughts and moods through the clever use and juxtaposition of a variety of materials. The concept alters the way a space is experienced by the viewer.

Elisa’s talent is innate and throughout her life creativity has always been prominent. With a Masters in Fine Art it is no surprise that Elisa surrounds herself within a creative sphere that she feels comfortable in and that is favourable to her work. Her first experience with installation art came at an exhibition held in an old brothel house in Valletta some years ago. Elisa found that she was not just impressed, but inspired to a new dimension of art.

Colours are vivid and predominant in her installations as is repetition, however, more importantly the placement of mundane objects and how they are positioned together is what imparts significance to her piece; thus the key element to this types of art is the staging, the putting together of something that doesn’t exist in reality; a paradoxical intervention that drives her as an artist.


Plastic is her most desired material; she finds plastic objects can be used well in replication to create a unique installation. What most people might fail to realise is the amount of tedious work that goes into the development especially with every day ordinary items. Numerous sketches of objects form the initial stages of an idea; occasionally they are accommodated to suit the objective, and from there the items are then purchased en masse and masterfully composed.

Elisa is also known for her love and talent with photography. It arose also as a means to documenting her installations, a final testimony to a finite piece of art. It allowed her to keep them alive. She now works as a freelance photographer and uses a similar approach to that of her installations. Her photo shoots are art works in themselves, staged to create a quirky and eclectic mix of colour, and texture; her abstract photography can turn a dull object into a masterpiece.

Elisa has participated in exhibitions both locally and abroad. For further information, or to contact Elisa you can visit her website at


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