ART: Jennings Falzon talks to Amber Knights

 The young fresh talent that he is, Jennings is already making his mark in the Maltese art circle through his sculptures and paintings. He has participated in collaborative exhibitions and is also making a name for himself abroad. Coming from a family of artists allowed him to be exposed to the creative process from a very young age; it is what led him to study 3 dimensional design and obtain a degree in fine arts

Sculpting has always been related to stone and wood work however due to shifts in modernism, nowadays there is much more freedom for artists and their materials. His sculptures are constructed from natural mundane materials that produce an organic masterpiece.

Jennings is driven by the fantasy world and uses fantastical concepts in his work. His mind is fertilized with ideas that stem from dreams and eventually his work matures into a wonderful creation and engaging piece of his personal vision. A number of his sculptures are made of stone but his preferred materials are twigs, linen cloth, and barbed wire to name a few.

His subject matter varies however the focus of his work is based around the human figure which he likes to manipulate into an abstract form. Jennings is equally skilled in painting, his oil paintings are distinct and he invokes intrigue through his distinct brush strokes.

His use of earthy colours emphasise the harmony between the organic materials and its subject. There is a tendency for society to presume a form but Jennings likes to take that form and manipulate traditional media through unexpected means, the end product truly capturing the essence of his subject and providing it with a different outlook that may otherwise seem ordinary.

The physical presence of his work is undeniable and yet Jennings comes across as a placid, unassuming person. He admires all the great Masters such as Rodin, Michelangelo and DaVinci but is equally inspired by artists like Nicola Hicks and Patrick Doherty.

The bulk of his work focuses on religious themes depicted in the form he feels best represents them, there is no sugar coated approach, he creates an unpredictable, unconventional piece that speaks volumes about its subject. His forms are semi preconceived nevertheless, the final product speaks for itself. In some cases he allows the natural shapes of the materials to dictate the theme and interprets his work post production. The aesthetic result of each of Jennings sculptures is an organic entity in its own right.

For more information on Jennings you can visit his website at

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