ART: Kevin Buttigieg gets under Amber Knights' skin

Tattooing, a form of body modification, has been around for thousands of years, a tattoo is a permanent piece of art that is an everlasting fixture with its own individual story and meaning.

Despite the fact that tattoos have always had a social stigma surrounding them, in recent years people have come to accept and recognise them as more of an established art form. They have become popular to both sexes and associated with people from all different economic classes. The symbolism and impact of a tattoo varies according to cultures, in ancient times they were used for the purpose of depicting ones status, nowadays they tend to be more of an ornamental feature.

Kevin comes from a background of film, video and visual effects, he is not just a tattooist, he is a remarkable artist. His artistic qualities go without saying however even though he is conscious of his talent he still had himself trained in all the various techniques of tattooing. He wanted to reassure himself that he knew everything entailed with this art form; by doing so he has set the standard for tattooing in Malta.amber KEVIN work

Kevin has a vested interest in each tattoo, and is adamant that each one is not run of the mill. His style is unique, and detailed and every one is carefully designed with the input of the client, this allows him to leave his own ‘signature’ on each piece. A person’s first reaction at their new piece of art, that brief, intimate moment is what gives him his pride and extreme fulfillment with his work.

Tattooing is not without its challenges; there is a certain level of professional intimacy involved with tattooing, many hours are spent in close proximity to a person, Kevin found this to be his biggest challenge. He has overcome that fear and immerses himself in the creation of the tattoo and allows his creativity to flow, whilst channeling all his life experiences into his work. The contours of the body can also present the tattooist with a difficult ‘canvas’ to work with. There are various shapes and shadows that can affect the outcome, however with the right approach it allows for more depth and can aid in enhancing the image.

amber KEVINAs an artist, Kevin’s ultimate vision is to be known for his free hand tattoos.  These allow him the liberty to be as creative as his mind will allow and contributes to that special bond with a client who will carry that work with them for the rest of their lives.

Kevin has just moved to a new studio aptly named Inseparable tattoos and has effortlessly created a comfortable yet chic atmosphere. It is hard not to feel relaxed there with its professional yet personal design. Pictures of tattoos do not adorn the walls, instead gilt mirrors, paintings and an antique sofa give it the right ambiance whilst Kevin gets to work on your inseparable tattoo. You can contact Kevin on

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