ART: Romina Delia talks to Amber Knights

Romina Delia, a young and dynamic woman, is fascinated by the way in which the world views women, and the beauty of the human figure. her belief is that there is more to the human body than just aesthetics, every image has a mind behind it.

With years of painting behind her Romina has also achieved a Masters Degree in History of Art at the University of Malta and is now applying for her Phd. For the last two years she has worked at the National Museum of Fine Arts, carrying out research on artists and their artworks for the digital information database, also assisting in events and outreach programmes.

Romina is not only a creative artist in her own right but is also incredibly knowledgeable about the art world and is set on assisting Malta to move forward within that domain. Having worked on various EU funded research projects, namely ‘Smartmuseum’ and ‘Eunamus’ she was also priveliged to assist in the running of the Brussels Biennale of Contemporary Art. For Romina promoting and bringing together other local artists is what she thrives upon and is exceptionally passionate about.

Art can be a provocative medium and it seems that this is ever present in Romina’s pieces. Some of her spontaneously simple yet powerful sketches demonstrate that the act of making the art is part of the art itself. Bright colours emphasize the simple lines that make these pieces seem almost primitive yet maintain rhythm and movement within them. Her use of colours, particularly shocking pink, are what captivated me the most, colour has such an influence on the way we observe a painting, so much so that each of her pieces has a profound impact on the viewer.

Romina is a sensitive soul and endeavors to keep her art real and personal, inks, charcoal and acrylics are her favored mediums and allow her to fuse her ideas together to produce a picture that tells a story.  She is strict with herself and acknowledges that when a painting starts to get monotonous that it is time to stop, nevertheless, unfinished works are as exciting to her as completed ones.

Romina has exhibited a number of times and only recently participated in two exhibitions, one a collective collaboration at ChristineX Gallery and the other at Strada Stretta in Valletta. Romina Delia is a name that will inevitably keep popping up; her energy; enthusiasm and passion will no doubt continue to keep us captivated.

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