AVENGERS ENDGAME : the end of an era ? (spoiler-free review)

You haven’t seen Infinity War yet? Don’t read this review! With Avengers Endgame, new opus from Marvel Studios, the Russo brothers will delight the franchise’s fans. The most expensive film in history promises you a poignant tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It all started in 2008 with the release of Iron Man. Almost 10 years later, it’s the end of an era with the release of Avengers Endgame, promised as the final film of the Avengers universe. This is a page that’s being turned in the MCU universe… But is it really turning?

Marvel Studios has found the right recipe to generate an incredible enthusiasm for their works. The 22 films that make up this era have been watched by millions of fans around the world, they have also been copied by a few competitors but never equalled. Their strong point? The Marvel studios have managed to unite behind them an unfailing community that has become attached to their characters. It’s with great impatience that fans grieved by the death of some of their favorite heroes in Infinity War, were waiting for Avengers Endgame after more than a year. The Marvel films are built on a fairly similar model but Avengers Endgame totally breaks the codes and offers the fans unexpected surprises for nearly three hours.

After the chaos, the revolution

It’s the element of surprise that makes Avengers Endgame so beautiful, this article will be without spoiler in order to give the fan the freedom to properly appreciate it.

“We lost, all of us. We lost friends. We lost family. We lost part of ourselves. This is the fight of our lives.” —Steve Rogers/Captain America

What strikes us above all after seeing the new film from the Marvel franchise is the focus on the heroes’s emotions. Because yes, a superhero is above all a man with feelings and cracks. Tony Stark balances as usual between his well-known arrogance and his unfailing sense of the common good, while Thor cannot stand to have failed against their enemy Thanos and Captain America still surprises us with his legendary calm that reveals a man broken by his failures. All our favorite superheroes (The Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hulk,…) are present in this film and it’s as if the story of a big family was nearing its end. It’s in the shadow of the Infinity War events that the penultimate opus of this Marvel studios’ phase begins. With the mass disappearance of 50% of the population in the previous episode, we explore the sadness and grief of the characters but also their thirst for revenge. A film in which fans can really recognize themselves with interrogations that most of them know : how do you experience the loss of a friend, how do you cope with having failed, how do you get back on track? This is the main theme of Avengers Endgame, humans who are trying to do everything they can to repair or recover what they have lost. As a spectator, we go from laughter to tears throughout the film and that’s what the Russo brothers wanted to convey. This movie is made especially for fans, those from the first hour as well as the new ones, those who will cry, will be shocked, will laugh to pieces at each new twist of Avengers Endgame. And believe me, in three hours there are plenty. Avengers Endgame is a pomade, a healing after the miseries of Infinity War, it’s a unifying film that promises to be legendary for the fans. During the film, we’ll be able to revisit the most memorable moments of all our heroes, from a different angle than during the 22 previous films. This stroke of genius plunges us into a state of nostalgia, mixed with a feeling of ending… The end of an era? Not really. Kevin Heige, president of Marvel Studios, confirmed yesterday that the real conclusion of this phase would be the upcoming Spider-Man : Far From Home. Good, because we weren’t really ready to see all of this end. Avengers Endgame is also a pure product of pop culture, as the directors understood after Black Panther or Captain Marvel what the fans really wanted to see on the screen. A melting pot, different universes and representations, women as powerful as men… And that’s what Marvel gives us with Avengers Endgame, brief moments like these that delight the audience.

Avengers Endgame stands out for its difference, its emotion and its permanent sensitivity that leaves us edgy. We feel helpless in front of the end of a period, the almost-end of a saga that has rocked many of us. It almost feels like a birthday movie, which wants to celebrate with its fans their favorite superheroes’ life.

Release Date : 26th April / Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy / Director : Anthony and Joe Russo / Distribution : KRS Releasing / Marvel Studios / Cast : Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth


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