Being Blessed

You see, I have cultured a belief inside myself, that no matter what happens, things will be okay. You may call it a prayer, a mantra, a motto…it doesn’t really matter what label you apply to it.

Whenever my life takes a turn for the negative, I always watch from outside myself how things unwind. I don’t judge, label or try to change anything. I know that when action is required, it will come naturally. This is one of the reasons I feel safe all the time. This is why I never feel alone. This is why I find a pleasure in smiling at strangers.

My life has never steered me wrong. When things need to change, they do and they change fast. I never regret anything and I take time to give gratitude for everything I’ve learnt, for everything I’ve experienced. Our journeys are so much bigger than us and our stories. People are used to labeling negative experiences as a waste of time. I don’t believe anything is a waste of time. I believe in being grateful for the experience that has brought me where I am today.

I can feel when I am not making the right decisions, because things seem difficult and there is an uneasiness to my internal watch. I’ve learnt to listen to it. To appreciate it.

I honestly feel blessed. I feel like a child that has been spoiled for no accomplishment of her own, spoiled just for the fact that she exists.

I’m tempted to compare my past with my present, but I know that’s just my mind talking. My life has only gotten better and I have no real hand in it. I feel blessed because I feel as if my space is clean. There’s honesty, love, respect and kindness in my space. There’s gratitude and appreciation. There’s transparence and communication.

Which is why this post is a Thank You. An inner prayer of appreciation for everything that has happened and for everything that keeps falling into place.

Stay blessed all, stay blessed,


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