Beyond loving people

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I realise that I am a blessed individual. I am blessed not for having more than others or being special but because my life has taught, and continues to do so, the right lessons.

Now, I love people. I say this with all my heart. I love people beyond their expectations of the world, stories of their past, judgements relating to their egos or ambitions of their future. I Love People for their present. Something I am deeply, innately grateful for. The present moment includes no plans, judgements or rationalizations.

We have little understanding of anything. We get sidetracked into projecting past situations into our present and present situations into our future. We fail to see how beautiful life is, too caught up in trying to figure out how to escape ourselves.

Then, something happens. One simple choice starts a domino effect that opens the world to you. And you’re left wondering why you were so worried and why you felt so lost.

I’m guided by a belief that I don’t need to understand or figure anything out. Life goes on without my control or my petty rationalisation. And no matter how many times I may get lost along the way, I live with the innate gratitude that clarity always follows.

We compete, compare, contrast. We want to feel special. I don’t believe in special people. I don’t categorise people. People are people, situations differ. Circumstances. The same individual, faced with the same choice, in two different situations, will have different reactions. People are beautiful. Be they white,black,pink or green. Gay, bi, a-sexual and anything in between. People are not their beliefs, or their past, they’re not their reactions or their expectations. They just are another way life throws energy around. They’re beautiful, limitless and completely unaware of how much they hold inside.

Thus. I am a blessed individual. Blessed to love people. Thus, gratitude governs my world. Thank you.


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