Buy in the summer sales, wear in the autumn!

Sometimes it feels like we are constantly living in the future. You know, we’ll still have Christmas log in the fridge and wrapping paper waiting to be put back in storage, yet marketing campaigns will already be jingling in Valentine’s Day or, worse, Easter. Now, you may think it’s ironic that we’re saying this when we’re talking about autumn in the midst of summer but, at least, this will actually work to your advantage!

See, summer sales can be absolutely great to put your autumn wardrobe together without forking out the full price on the tag. What’s better, most of the items we’ve chosen can also be worn in the summer or, at least, in those in-between-seasons weeks when you can’t decide if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold.

Slingbacks: Comfortable, versatile and total classics, slingbacks work well in spring, summer and autumn weather, making them a total must-have. Depending on the style of the shoes, they can work with formal and casualwear, too!

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Suits: Whether it’s a power suit or a boyfriend suit, these two-piece ensembles can easily help you go from boardroom to dinner – no matter what the season! Investing in one of these can truly change your wardrobe. Meanwhile, dressing them up or down can create a whole array of new outfits!

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Cardigans: It may be too hot to try out cardigans now, but you’ll thank yourself in two months’ time when you’re out on a terrace somewhere and the first autumn chills threaten to ruin your evening. The best part is that cardis come in a variety of fabrics, textures and lengths, so having the right one for the weather at hand is simple!

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Shirts: Shirts and blouses are awesome all-year-round, particularly as they are so incredibly versatile. Wear alone in the summer, layer with an undervest in spring, and wear under a cardigan or sweater in the autumn or winter!

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Scarves: Light scarves are useful in every season, be it to keep yourself warm during the autumn or spring, to keep your throat protected during AC-blasting season, or to keep the cumbersomeness at bay during the coldest months of the year.

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The Next Big Trends: Finally, why not be ahead of the pack and get next season’s biggest trends for less? Rose prints are set to take over in autumn, while leather will experience a revival. Bright colours – pinks, blues, greens and reds – are also set to take over!

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So, go on, hit the shops and do some digging online to bag yourself some discounts before everyone else gets the memo!


By Iggy Fenech

Iggy Fenech has been pouring his feelings into articles for local newspapers and magazines for the past nine years. His other passions include watching historical documentaries, cooking and putting together eccentric outfits. When it comes to cocktails, his favourite is always the next one.


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