Carl Caruana, digital artist

Arrangement, contemporary, art, contemporary art, Carl Caruana

I am Maltese, born in 1996 and currently studying in Malta. I plan to continue my studies in the UK with Contemporary Visual Media being my main focus. My work features photography, drawing and digital art. The comfort zone is something I’m always trying to get away from, thus focusing on one medium and genre is something I find very limiting. I’m an active thinker, always studying everything in detail. Feel free to follow my portofolio space and my Facebook page.

Arrangement, contemporary, art, contemporary art,   Carl Caruana
Arrangement by Carl Caruana


How did you get started?
I started pencil drawing from the age of 7 and photography from the age of 9. That was when my father gave me my first camera. I attended courses and entered groups, acheiving certificates along the way. At the age of 13, I started experimenting with the digital medium using my computer.

Whose artist’s work are you most inspired by? 
Casey Richardson is one of the infinite individuals I respire from. Then there’s Anny Wang, Lucas Doerre and also Akatre Studio. For photography, it’s definitely Melih Donmezer, with his highly questioning visual captures.

Like Me - Carl Caruana
Like Me by Carl Caruana

Describe your work in less than 10 words.
Contemporary visual works coming from the raw subconscious.

What genre do you consider your work to be?
Contemporary Visual Art.

Where was your first exhibition held?
Studio 104, Valletta – Winter Salon 2014

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a project with a series of drawings based on what is coming directly from the mind at that very moment without enforcing certain thoughts. A song accompanies my process from the computer, its title is then written behind the drawing so as to analyze the outcome at the end. I believe music affects us without us even knowing and that is what I’m studying.

How long have you been creating?
For about 12 years.

Hiding - Carl Caruana
Hiding by Carl Caruana

Are you a morning person or do you come alive at night?
Well, I hate the dark and I definitely hate mornings. It’s mostly at night that mind pumps interesting thoughts and ideas.

How many coffees a day? Don’t embellish.
I am more of a tea person although I take coffee about 3 times a week.

Sundays can be very productive for some and very unproductive for others. How do you spend yours?
When I’m not with my friends on Sundays, I experiment with some ideas that my mind delivers whilst listening to music and drinking tea. I also tend to eat a lot on Sundays.

Wine and cheese. Yes or no?
It’s definitely ‘yes’ for wine and ‘no’ for cheese.

If you were given a million euro, what would you indulge yourself with?
A “Contemporary Visual Media” course at Central Saint Martins, London. I would consider also initiating an open art gallery with digital screens, accepting only contemporary art practice from online submissions. Then I would buy loads of CD albums and Vinyl Records.

Favourite place to holiday?
So far I have only been to Poland and I think it is beautiful.

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