Chemical Free Food Farm launched

The first immici Microfarm is crowdfunding to produce healthy, delicious and chemical-free foods

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on ZAAR to support the first immici Microfarm, which will produce foods that are fully sustainable, without the use of artificial chemicals.

immici uses aquaponics and multitrophic culture, including dualponics, to grow herbs, salads, vegetables, fruit and mushrooms, along with Tilapia and marine seafoods, in an eco-friendly and ocean-friendly process that also guarantees exquisite flavour.

“Our microfarms are based on both freshwater and saltwater aquaponics, in a mutually beneficial ecosystem that includes multiple species at different levels of the food chain. The fish produce fertiliser and nutrients for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish – it is a full cycle that ensures a diverse, sustainable means of growing nutritious and delicious food,” explains immici founder Michael Bourne. “We can produce food for humans, fish and animals that do not require taking anything from the oceans. Plus, it is part of our mission to reduce food-miles and carbon footprint by supplying through local area agents serving their neighbours, reducing the distance customers need to travel for their orders. We are sustainability-focused, every step of the way.”

Well-suited to urban and sub-urban locations, microfarms are small, high-yield, eco-friendly and efficient farming operations – but the immici microfarms take the concept further with the use of dualponics. This unique technology, invented by Bourne himself and owned by immici, uses dual freshwater and saltwater circuits, raising seafood in a high-welfare marine aquaponics system that provides nutrients for a wider range of both salt-intolerant and salt-loving plants.

“It was always a key part of ZAAR’s vision to support businesses like immici, which promote sustainable ideas and social enterprise, as they start up,” adds Manager at ZAAR, Matthew Caruana. “Our contribution as a crowdfunding platform helps them take their ideas from the drawing board to the market, giving them a springboard into the next phase of building a successful business.”

Apart from the satisfaction of supporting food sustainability, backers who help the campaign to reach its €5,000 goal can also expect to receive some of immici’s tasty produce in return for their investment.

With a pledge of €10, a ‘Hello immici!’ loyalty reward account will be opened on the backer’s behalf and credited with the same amount to spend on immici products. Furthermore, they will receive a 25 per cent discount on their first purchase as well as a 10 per cent discount on their next 10 orders.

A pledge of €20 or €50 offers similar reward schemes through the ‘immici Plus’ and ‘immici Star’ accounts respectively. The ‘immici Plus’ credits the backer’s account with €20, gives a 25 per cent discount on their first purchase and a further 15 per cent discount on each of their next 10 orders. Likewise, the ‘immici Star’ credits €50 to their account, offers a 25 per cent discount on their first purchase and an additional 20 per cent discount on their next 10 immici orders.

Any investor who pledges €150 to the scheme will automatically receive an ‘immici VIP’ loyalty reward account credited with the same amount, as well as a free selection pack of immici products worth €25 and an additional 25 per cent discount on each of their 12 first orders from immici.

Each of a maximum of 10 backers who pledge €500 will also become a ‘Friend of immici’. Here, their customer account will be credited with €500, while they will receive a selection pack of immici products worth €100. What’s more, they will enjoy a lifetime discount of 25 per cent on all orders from immici Microfarms – and will be invited to attend an exclusive afternoon with up to five friends or family for lunch, BBQ and drinks with immici, once COVID-19 restrictions permit.


“Every pledge, large and small, helps us to set an example globally and provide a future for food security that’s healthy, sustainable and empowers the circular economy. This campaign gives the public the chance to be a part of this exciting project, which could signal the eco-friendly future of food production,” adds Mr Bourne.


For more information and to make a pledge, visitors are invited to view the ‘Launching the first immici Microfarm’ crowdfunding campaign at Further details are available at

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