Chopin-Inspired Documentary to Debut in Malta

This November, Spazju Kreattiv will host two exclusive screenings of Polish-Korean documentary Chopin. I am Not Afraid of Darkness

The powerful documentary is directed by Joanna Kaczmarek and produced by Inbornmedia. It features musical performances by three international pianists: Polish Leszek Możdżer, South Korean Won Jae Yeon and half-Polish, half-Syrian Fares Marek Basmadji. It tells the inspiring story of the pianists as they prepare for concerts in global locations not normally associated with performances of this kind: Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, South Korea’s border with the North, and Beirut’s destroyed heart. 

Performed in places that have seen conflict and unimaginable suffering, the concerts share one compelling medium – they all feature music by classical Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. “These are all places that need music,” says documentary producer and Inbornmedia CEO Maciej Pawełczyk. “The documentary asks if Chopin’s music has the power to bring healing, wherever it is performed. His musical creations were almost all influenced by historical events, wars, fighting and uprising. We Poles have a rich history, one that is difficult and emotional. We love and fight with passion and this palette of feelings is prevalent in Chopin’s work. Listening to his music evokes feelings of sadness and happiness at the same time – that’s a very deep experience. Presenting this documentary is a gift, not only to our audiences, but for us, the pianists and all the crew.”

Chopin. I am Not Afraid of Darkness will be released in Poland on 14 October and will be screened for the first time abroad in Malta exclusively at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, on November 1 and 11. The film will then be screened in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Oslo followed by screenings in German-speaking countries across Europe.

“Filming the documentary was challenging due to the pandemic and the logistics of filming in such locations,” says Marta Krzeptowska, Executive Producer at Inbornmedia. “But thanks to all the people who supported us, we managed, and it is finally ready for an audience. Its release is also timely, given the challenges of the terrible war in Ukraine that is happening so close to home.” 

“The film offers the perfect basis for discussing the issue of freedom as the overriding value in human life,” notes Pawełczyk. “The social situation beyond our Eastern border makes this topic particularly important and topical today. We believe everyone can find something meaningful in this film because its message is universal. We all love music, and we know that its calming sound can help us overcome struggles. We want to invite the people of Malta to see the film and discover how music can really make miracles.”  

Chopin. I am Not Afraid of Darkness will be screened at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta on Tuesday 1 November at 7.30pm and Friday 11 November at 6pm. For more information and tickets visit 


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