Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas Family Traditions

Now that I have my own child, Christmas tradition has become more important than ever. I want to create new ones for my family and also keep old ones alive, the ones that give you all the warm feeling around the day and don’t leave your memory.

When I was thinking about Christmas, especially as a child, I realise how far removed I have come. By that I mean, I’ve let the stress that comes with it all, shadow the things that I really look forward too. Guess what, they don’t cost an arm or a leg either or have you scrambling for out of stock toys and gadgets.

I also asked around to include other friends and families little traditions.

See if any are similar to your own!

“Twas the night before Christmas”

Christmas Eve as a child was always the most exciting and butterfly inducing time for us. Bath time, fresh pyjamas, a Christmas movie and laying out whiskey and carrots for Santa and Rudolph.

Christmas cooking

Wether you were told to get out of the kitchen or give a helping hand, there was always some sort of involvement, be it peeling the potatoes or setting the table. This is definitely a tradition I want to keep up. Everyone helping out.

Christmas board games

There was always a game under the tree! After dinner the competitive streak would come out in us all!

Sing songs!

Is it even Christmas without a family Karaoke? At the end of the day, back throughout the whole 90s, my whole family would end up at my nannys house. The kids would be singing the latest west life or boyzone Christmas no.1 and the rest of the family would be well on with more than a few tipples and the Irish ballads would be sang all night!

Playing cards

This was quite a popular one among people I asked. Especially while dinner was cooking many sit and play cards to fill the time.

Christmas movies

It was Oliver Twist or Mary Poppins that seem to stick in my mind and while there’s hundreds of movies now, I want to keep the old ones going too!

Selection boxes and tins of sweets

I think every age group love a good old selection box or tin of roses, it’s the ultimate mark of Christmas treats!

All the baking!

For me, this is definitely a more Maltese tradition over the last few years. Mince pies and Christmas logs galore!

Here are some lovely traditions mentioned by my friends and family.

Christmas Mass

Visiting the graveyard

Mrs. Browns Christmas special

Visiting family

Going to see the Crib

Going to see Christmas lights being turned on


drinking mulled wine at a Christmas Market

picking yearly tree decorations for keep sales

The newer traditions I’ve noticed are

Elf on the shelf

Light up wonderlands

Netflix movie binges

Changing Santa’s whiskey to milk… we can’t have him drink on the sleigh now!

Having letters delivered by Santa

Last but not least, the most lovely tradition for most of us was definitely visiting Santa himself! Not the same this year but there are so many virtual options on Facebook.

Whatever your family traditions, I wish everyone a wonderful one! It will be different this year but I don’t think the sentiment will.

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