Clear out your wardrobe ready for the new season

I find this exercise cathartic; it makes space for new things on my rails and makes me feel like I have new things all at once!
Clothes rack
Buy new hangers, a few padded, multifunctional, trouser and clip. Have a black bag ready and a hold all, to take things that can be revamped or need some TLC to a tailor. Check out what’s in this season in the latest glossies and fling open the windows, be showered and wear your favourite underwear, put your music on, loud….
1. One wardrobe at a time, take everything out and I mean everything.
2. Clean the shelves etc., and leave the doors open.
3. Throw away all your wire and any broken hangars. Take bulky hangars out of the equation too.
4. Try on everything; does it really fit and suit you or you just like it? Keep only what fits and suits you.
5. Snagged, torn, zip broken, buttons missing, hems dropped? If you can fix them yourself, set damaged items aside. If not, bag up for a seamstress.
6. Found something faded or you just don’t like the colour? Check the fabric composition. Can it be dyed? JB Stores has a good selection of Dylon colours. (Take a tip from me, mix the salt with the colour properly and then add to the drum of your machine.)
7. Pack away any summer season clothes that you won’t need for a while. Make sure they are clean and mended first.
8. Can an item be altered to suit / fit you better? If yes, it goes in the tailor bag! Most tailors turn things around in 2-3 weeks, so plan now for Autumn trends.
9. Anything need dry cleaning? Porthuges collect and deliver – so arrange a collection for next week.
10. Rehang the mended, new season, clean and ironed clothes on the correct hanger and plan a shopping spree to fill any gaps! Passing the tailor on the way of course…..You can now look forward to the new season and Monday morning, when choosing what to wear, won’t be such a chore!
Monique Chambers

Monique started indulge in 2011 and has since created Indulge Me GIFT and Indulge Me FOOD and volume 1 of The Artists Directory - Malta. A marketing professional by trade, Monique's passion is to promote local talent and Malta in general. Free time is her biggest indulgence, when she can tinker in her craft room or the kitchen, or be selfish with a book, the sofa and good glass of wine (of course, wearing something beautiful and with freshly coiffed hair!)

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