Clothes You Can Wear Through To Autumn

The pandemic may be nowhere near over and the weather is going mad, so what kind of clothes are we meant to get this summer? Well, here are some garments that you could actually wear both in the stiflingly hot Maltese summer and in chillier autumn evenings.

The White Dress

There’s no denying that the LBD is a classic, but this summer is all about the white dress in all forms and shapes: there are maxi ones, ones with balloon sleeves, others that are sleeveless, and even ones that will make you feel like you’ve just come out of the pages of a Jane Austin novel. What’s better is that, come autumn, you can simply layer a denim jacket or a cardigan over yours. Oh, and whether you do actually get to go out this summer and autumn, or not, it will still be an investment as this is one the ultimate wardrobe staples that never really goes out of fashion.

Bettina Looney. Photo by Christian Vierig, Getty Images.


Ulla Johnson dress. Photo from

The Sheer Anything

Sheer items of clothing may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you do like a diaphanous number, then you’re in luck this summer with many clothing companies offering a wide selection. The safest bet when it comes to this trend is to go for a long-sleeved top (they’re very light), so you can wear it in both summer and autumn (obviously layered for the latter).

Charlotte Knowles dress. Photo from

The Boyfriend Short-sleeved Shirt

That’s not an official title, but it’s one that we feel perfectly describes the oversized shirts style icons are wearing over their bikinis. Similar to the Hawaiian shirt your partner may proudly sport in the summer months, this item can be easily worn over a swimsuit in summer and then a crop or bra tops and jeans come autumn.

Photo from @chrissyford’s Instagram page.

The Bralettes

This trend comes and goes but, this summer, the bra top is all the rage once again. Wear it on its own in summer and layer it with a jacket, blazer or light coat in the autumn – either way, it can be a fabulous and eye-catching item to wear when out.

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik, Getty Images.

Don’t Forget!

Whenever possible, buy clothes from vintage or charity shops. These aren’t just cheaper, but they are actually better for the environment – it’s easy to forget that it takes 3,781 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans (according to the UNEP).

The change starts with us.

Will you be trying out any of these styles? If so, let us know which in the comments section below!


By Iggy Fenech

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