Constructive & Destructive Competition

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For me, competition comes as a negative concept, as if it comes from insecurity. Insecurity that there is not enough, so you have to eliminate or beat someone else. Insecurity about your worth. Needing to prove you’re good enough.

I fully understand that many people see competition as a positive concept, in fact, being considered a “competitive” individual is often seen as praise. In this particular post I am only referring to the side of competition that is destructive. The side that brings jealousy/ the feeling of unfairness/lack/ stress/ insecurity/ fear in your life.

The aforementioned feelings have led me to make it a point in my life not to compete. In any circumstance, with anyone.Not as long as my goal in life is to be loving.

I don’t compete. That doesn’t mean I don’t set goals for myself. I think goal setting is healthy. It just means I do it from a very different place. It just means that in a situation that would allow competition ( such as an exam, an interview, a contest etc) I become present and put my entire attention into the action required.

I steer far away from judging others/ their actions.

This allows me to be constantly peaceful, indifferent to whether I achieve my mark or not. In fact, in the eventuality that I don’t get the desired result, I become more productive in looking for solutions to achieve what I set out to, instead of beating myself up.:) Thus, I persevere instead of giving up.

I believe in doing my best for anything. Destructive competition comes with the intention of focusing a part of your attention on someone else, of putting your awareness outside yourself. You can’t do your best if you’re not giving your goal 100% of your attention.

I can’t do so if I’m competing. I’m separating myself from others. I’m dividing. I’m seeing someone as stopping me from being all I can be, when in reality, nobody else is responsible for my life, but me. Nobody can have any influence in my life, if I don’t allow it. Nobody can control/ limit what I can do, how I react, only I can.

Destructive competition strips us of appreciation. I think being appreciative is essential to a healthy mindset.

So, things are simple. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. I’m not fighting for anyone’s attention. I’m not competing in any way/ with anyone/ in any circumstance.

I believe doing your best is always more than enough. Living life in appreciation, gratitude & security is so much more important than momentarily satisfying your ego.

I believe we don’t need anything to be happy, as it is a choice we make with ourselves. I believe life is abundant in opportunities & love. Why compete for something when we can just keep open for the right opportunity?

I feel extremely loved. Blessed to be surrounded by amazing people.  That’s exactly what I want to give back, so I can’t make room for competition in my life. I’d rather leave that space for the positive. It’s a no brainer:)

Much love, light & blessings,


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