CONVERGENCE: James Vella Clark’s First All-Abstract Solo Exhibition

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After 11 years since his last major exhibition, expressionist artist James Vella Clark will be hosting CONVERGENCE, a collection of 40 abstract works at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta. The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on 1st February and will remain open till the 28th of February, will be the artist’s first all-abstract solo exhibition.

The artist describes this exhibition as a sort of homecoming for him. Ironically, Palazzo de la Salle is where he started his first art lessons at six years of age and today, the artist resides next door to this venue.

“I am delighted that I am finally exhibiting at Palazzo de la Salle and very excited that this exhibition is going to showcase a collection of abstract works that best represent how my abstract style has evolved over the past 11 years. The exhibition will effectively portray a retrospective account of my exploration and gradual move towards abstraction. To me, this is a very special project,” said the artist.

James Vella Clark is mostly known for his landscapes which over the past few years have been increasingly gaining a more abstract dimension. In fact his last exhibition of landscapes held in March of 2017 and themed “Divergence”, was already exploring the artist’s shift towards a more abstract rendition of the local landscape. “Convergence” is therefore a natural progression on the theme of change where this abstract dimension is now coming to the fore in this abstract collection.

Whereas the earlier works show the spontaneity often associated with action painting, James Vella Clark’s later abstract work assumes a more serene and languid approach with layers upon layers of colour built gradually into a hazy assortment of forms that merge together whilst remaining distinct.

“To me, these paintings, made of layers of different shades and intensities have come to represent my view of life – a composition of different experiences, lessons, achievements, losses, regrets and aspirations. Together, they make up who we are. Therefore, I am never totally comfortable with the term ‘abstraction’. In fact, I have concluded that abstract is only that which we refuse to understand. For all the rest, there is always a point of departure to which one may always try to relate.”

The exhibition is being supported by ARQ Group, FINO, Greenaway Framers and DV Trading. A catalogue featuring a selection of works and a critical introduction by Teodor Reljic accompanies this exhibition.

CONVERGENCE, will be exhibited at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta and will be inaugurated on February 1 and will remain open until February 28.

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