Creation – Part IX

There is so much gratitude in my heart for my present, I often walk around smiling to myself. I think I must look quite daft to strangers, because I often giggle on my own. It’s just how I feel. Profoundly grateful and so very, very, very happy. My life keeps surprising me.

I love people so very, very, very much! I think they are incredibly amazing when they allow themselves to be naked, stripped of their egos, plans, expectations and of the identities they have carefully built for the world to see.

I never lose the love I have for them, even if situations and circumstances change. It’s one of the reasons I am blessed with so many friends. I can honestly say I do not know the word alone. I can be alone, I never feel alone. I feel so much support coming from such wonderful people, I would feel that if I would indulge in pitying myself in any way, I would tarnish all the love they have for me. All the lovely things they do for me. I would never allow myself to do that.

Today I received two presents. One from my past, one from my present. I am humbled by the gratitude I feel. Amazed. Thankful. Loving. Thing is, if there is something I’m not afraid to do…that’s to love. I love people. I can always summon more love, it’s something I create inside myself. And as long as I keep that love clean of expectations, it’s always fantastic. 🙂

This is a post of gratitude for the amazing people in my life. For my mother and my brother, for my best friends, spread all around the world and for the amazing people who grace my days with their everyday presence.

Much, much love & light all,


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