Dating – A successful romantic start


Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year where expressions of love and affection are plentiful as well as an abundance of gifts. For the young, this day may be considered a much more adventurous and long awaited day. For the mature, it can be considered as a day like any other with a small indulgence to enjoy a pleasant evening with a loved one. So for those aiming to successfully engage in a romantic relationship, be it on Valentine’s day or another day here are the top five you should know:

1. Be yourself – Authentic

Don’t try to impress by overdoing it and by this I mean both with compliments and gifts. Simplicity is best and comes across as genuine and affectionate too. The time you take to buy a card, write it, buy a gift, wrap it and give it at the right time will all play an important part in securing the attention of your new found partner.

2. Gifts

The list is endless so we’ll simply focus on a few here. Flowers can be given to both women and men but of course you do have to inform the florist if the bouquet is going to be given to a man. Alternatively you may choose to indulge in a scrumptious selection of chocolates from fine chocolatiers. Should you opt to go for a bottle of perfume, you would ideally need to know your partner’s preference as it may be a bit challenging to buy a perfume or cologne if you don’t know. If so, make sure to ask the perfumery to include a scented strip with the scent you have chosen so that if it is not to their liking, they can easily exchange it for another.

3. Lunch or Dinner

If you have decided to treat someone to lunch or dinner, choose a place that reflects your taste and the ambience you are after. Whether you opt for a formal dining experience, a casual night out or an oriental treat you will be the one paying. When you are inviting, you pay. Whether you’re a man or a woman.

To add a bit of romance, gentlemen, you may ask the waiting staff to deliver your bouquet of flowers to the table to surprise her or even have a special dessert brought over with a candle. To those who are already in a relationship and are planning to propose, creativity can make an experience memorable for your loved one. We have seen rings placed in champagne flutes, a box suddenly appearing on the table, or even brought to the table with one of the courses. The key is to create a special and memorable moment.

4. Discussion at table

For the lasting first impression – Listen! Yes, just be ready to listen.

It’s not about you so don’t brag or moan. This is a time to get to know each other and you can only do that by giving each other the time to express yourselves and talk openly.

5. The Mobile Phone, The Cell Phone, The Mobile

Whatever name you call it, it’s off the table. And there is nothing to add here.

Just remember that in life, it’s the little things that matter and make a difference. So if you don’t want to give in to the pressure of having to spend a fortune on a gift, don’t worry – go with the simplest and most effective of all – kind words, a sincere compliment and warm smiles.

Those make the happiest memories!

Ramona Galea

Ramona is an International Etiquette Coach and an avid believer of the importance these soft skills have nowadays. This passion kicked off from a young age when she questioned why elbows couldn’t stay on the table and her inquisitiveness continued and she founded First Class Etiquette, to address the developing need for people’s understanding of the importance of international business and social etiquette. It really is not just about elbows but confidence, attitude, assertiveness and knowing the how, the when and the why we do things. Amongst her hectic schedule, her two biggest indulgences are travelling with her family and reading with an Aperol Spritz in quiet surroundings - just being away from it all to de-stress.

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