Denim’s Back In Style: Here’s How To Wear It

Ever since denim was patented by Jacob W David and Levi Strauss in 1871, the fabric has grown into a staple item of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe: it’s gone from sturdy trousers for factory workers to an item that is as iconic to fashion as the little black dress.

This status means that it never really goes out of style, though how it’s worn changes over the years: Can you imagine someone sporting the full-denim outfits Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked up in to the 2001 American Music Awards in this day and age? Hopefully not, anyway…

Well, this year, denim’s back with a bang, and the styles hark back to trends of old!


The Boot Cut

The flair cut of the early noughties is well within living memory, as is that of the 1970s, but there’s now a whole new generation about to experience the power of a boot-cut pair of jeans. From Wrangler to Celine, the trend has taken runways and shops by storm. As always, this trend looks best with heels!

Celine, spring/summer 2020 (Photo by Shutterstock (10429265fj))

The Ripped Jeans

It may have been every grandmother’s nightmare to see their offspring sporting torn clothes, but we’re now paying for it to be so. Ripped and torn to the point of barely making them suitable for winter, ripped jeans look uber-cool with DMs or sneakers!

Photo from

The Skinnies

The good thing about today’s fashion scene is that there is something for everyone: so, if you absolutely hate the boot-cut, just go for skinny! But, remember: as they are figure-hugging, wearing heels always helps to make your silhouette look better but, hey, they also go with flats!

Re/Done Originals Ultra High-Rise Ankle Crop Skinny Jeans

The High-Rise

If you thought that it was only buildings that were getting higher this year, you’re wrong. The high-rise jeans that defined the mid-noughties are back… but this time, they’ve got a wide-leg that turns them into palazzo denims. Heels are absolutely essential in this case and, if you’re not particularly tall, then you should avoid this trend!

Citizens of Humanity

The Long Ones

Are the jeans you bought too long for you? Well, no worries, they’re totally in at the moment. So forget about turning up the hems and start rocking your longer-than-necessary jeans with flats, heels or boots!


Which denim trend from 2020 is your favourite and why? We’d love to know!


By Iggy Fenech

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