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Catherine Galea, Chakradance facilitator, life coach, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher (adults and children), is a woman who has always loved spontaneous dance and the world of chakras. She believes in spirituality, self-awareness, healing and well-being. The practice we are going to talk about today combines everything: Chakradance. But in other words, what is the Chakradance? 


  • You practice an activity that is not common, can you explain it?

Chakradance is a spontaneous dance that resonates to the vibration of the chakras, is a little bit like yoga without the fixed poses. It’s a form of meditation for people who find they can’t just ‘sit-detach-observe’.So it’s a healing and wellbeing practice with a difference! Its a mindful movement practice. In Chakradance, you are invited to move (however you like) to awesome music that’s been specifically created to stimulate your chakras. It takes you on an inner journey of healing, dissolving old emotional blocks that no longer serve you.You dance like nobody’s watching, because  because no one will watch, everyone except me dances with their eyes closed. It offers the same benefits as therapy, and yoga, and mindful meditation but you’ll have a lot more fun doing it, and many people say they get a lot more out of it! You dance to your own rhythm!

In other words, Chakradance™ is a dance practice for mind body and soul. As you dance each part of yourself you will free the energies in your body and feel more alive and energised at the same time experience a sense of wellbeing. You will be guided into a dynamic dance journey through your own chakras. From tribal, sensual, pulsing, exhilarating, to ethereal, trance and spiritual. You will enter into a journey of spontaneous dance, music pulsing to the energy of each charka, guided imagery, spontaneous mandala art drawing and meditation. We dance in a candle lit room. Chakradance™ is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

  • How can you explain in a simple way what the chakras are? 

The chakra system stems out from the ancient Vedic texts of India. The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) which means ‘spinning wheel’, ‘circle’ or ‘vortex’. Essentially chakras are energy centres or spinning wheels of energy that make up part of your energy body. Your energy body is the field that contains our life force or spirit. The chakras are a spiralling dynamic force and we have seven main chakras running along from the base of the spine to the crown of our head, each being a source of different energy and having a specific function. Each chakra is also connected to major organs in our body. He integrated chakra system regulates our energy field that holds the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Each chakra corresponds to a specific colour vibration and also vibrates to a specific sound frequency. Each chakra contains programmes relating to safety, sexuality, personal power, love, expression, intuition and self realisation; all of which effect our physical, emotional health, thoughts and behaviours. 

The chakras were traditionally visualised as wheels or lotus flowers and used as focal points for meditation to activate the energy body and remove any blockages to allow the greatest and healthy flow of energy. Ideally energy should flow up and down unimpeded, connecting our subtle energy body with the energy of the earth and with the divine source energy.

The benefits to a healthy flow of life force energy are said to include physical health and vitality, balanced emotions, releasing of old issues and trauma, heightened intuition, and a direct contact with the divine source energy. By far the best way to learn and understand what a chakra is, is to experience it yourself. Chakradance is one way to experience the chakras and bring more energy flow and balance into them!

  • What does this practice bring in terms of well-being?

It is a practice for the mind, body and soul. As we disconnect from the outer world and allow the music to guide us to what’s inside of us through the dance and the mandala art, we bring to light whats inside of us so we can release suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, painful memories. Once these blockages are released we heal, and we feel lighter, happier and energised. Chakradance  expands our awareness so we can also awaken our deepest desires that have been buried deep within, so we can also receive insights, visions / images of our potential, of new possibilities. If we follow this guidance and act upon it it will be a great opportunity to make our life more meaningful and happy.

  • Who would you advise him to? Being a practice that touches the spiritual side, do you think that everyone can succeed in completing the course by letting themselves go?

I would advise it to anyone who needs some time for self, anyone who is feeling lost or not sure of their life direction, anyone who is interested in personal development and spiritual growth, anyone who wants to explore mediation but find it difficult to sit still (Chakradance is a for mindful movement mediation), and anyone who is curious about it all and well if you love dancing then its definitely something to explore! 

  • What does the chakradance bring on the physical level?

Its a good physical exercise as we move all our body and you can move and exert yourself as much as you want. And if you do not like to follow an instructor but you would like to exercise, then it is a perfect form to exercise as you allow the music to move your body without specific, right or wrong way of doing it.

  • What advice can you give to those who would like to start Chakradance ?

Come and let go, Just be curious, explore and let go. If you allow the dance to move you without any inhibitions and restrictions, you will experience your own unique dance. Come with an open mind! 

  • A last word for those who are still reluctant to practice Chakradance ?

It is a case of having to get out of your comfort zone and just do it! For those who are still uncomfortable, Chakradance official website offers this free 15 minute mini class where you can try it in the comfort of your own home.

« If we want to live a meaningful and happy life, we need to disconnect from our busy, very active life and connect with our inner self, the world of our emotions, thoughts, memories, feelings and desires. Living in a busy demanding world disconnects from our self and we lead life without really knowing what it what we are living for, our passion and our deepest desires. I help people to connect with that part of themselves and go for it! »

Said Catherine Galea



Phone: +356 9944 3114

Facebook: Catherine Galea – Empowerment Coaching and Mindfulness 

Facebook: Chakradance with Catherine in Malta 

Linkedin: /in/catherinegalea

For more information and/or bookings they can contact her. Prices for the introductory workshops are €10 each and session runs for 1h30.  


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