Dressing the kids in winter!

You might be thinking, it’s winter erm… winter clothes! BUT when you live here in Malta, you’ll quickly realise it can be roasting of a January (sweats an all) day but be freezing the next minute and colder and damp inside your home … we are always trying to stay on top of the temperature to get it just right by using dehumidifiers, air conditions, portable heaters and the rest!

I can honestly say I feel colder in winter in Malta (in my home) than I have ever felt in Ireland. Central heating isn’t a thing here.

I remember bringing Conor to the doctor when he was a baby and him telling me I had him wrapped up too warm but it was freezing when we got up that morning… so it got me thinking about how to dress him for the variable temps!

my answer is layering.


A childhood staple, a vest is a sure way to keep the body warm. I like the tank top ones especially for layering long sleeved tops and the long sleeved are best for wearing with t-shirts if you start too heavy it can be too much.

Keep in mind where you will be that day for example, larger schools are very chilly with the windows and doors left open due to COVID-19 and nursery’s can be very warm.

Light jumpers with a well padded jacket and hood or a heavy jumper with a light jacket and a hat cover you for taking things on and off, especially if you’re out in the car (remember not to have bulky clothes on for the car seat)

Thermal vests and leggings

These remind me of my grandparents but they can be great inside of a Maltese winter! Especially after bath time worn under cotton pajamas.

Cosy grip socks are a must for indoors, especially if your little one isn’t a fan of keeping slippers on at the same time, lighter are socks are great with boots for outdoors… you get where I’m going with the layering.

Tips to keep the damp from their clothes.

If you have a tumble dryer (very needed in winter in my opinion) it will ensure the clothes are bone dry… if you like to hang the clothes I still recommend throwing them in on a quick warm setting when they’ve dried outside, just to warm them.

Dehumidifiers are fantastic for keeping the air moisture at bay and preventing mustiness in wardrobes.

I also keep silica packets (out of reach) in wardrobes and have never have a problem with damp clothes.

Open the windows!

Especially on a breezy sunny day – let the air circulate around your home so damp doesn’t build up!

The key take aways here are basic layering so that clothes can easily be added or removed if needed!

Kim Kiernan

Makeup Artist & Beauty Columnist

Kim provides professional makeup services in Malta for any occasion, working in all areas of makeup including Bridal, photographic, television, film and special effects as well as teaching makeup lessons one to one and to groups. With over 10 years experience, Kim has worked with the biggest and most sought after brands in the industry, internationally with MAC, Smashbox and Estee Lauder in Dublin and Toronto and most recently, heading the MAC Cosmetics brand in it's launch in Malta.

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