Easy Summer snack ideas for the little ones!

A couple of months ago I got all my mammy friends to send me their quick and easy kids meals! I feel like summer is a different ball game though as routines tend to go out the window.

For my summer edition, I’m focusing on grab and go style snacks because as we all know, the kids are way more interested in enjoying themselves rather than sitting down for their routine meals this time of year. Keep it fun as well as healthy and they won’t even notice!

Here’s what I’m doing this summer!

Planning ahead more – I am constantly trying to plan ahead but I’m also aware that it doesn’t suit my lifestyle a lot so I don’t push myself to be rigid. So for summer, I’ve decided to plan quick snacks and lunches ahead and keep breakfast and dinner to my usual routine.

Pasta and rice  – it’s just so easy and can be made in large portions to keep in the fridge for lunch the next day or bringing to the beach. The variations are endless from tuna rice salad to pasta with cold cuts and vegetables, It’s easy and tasty for everyone.

Sandwiches –  having ready made sambos in the fridge is an easy to grab snack for everyone! I’m Irish and keeping bread in the fridge was never really a thing in our house hold growing up, I actually thought it was kind of weird when someone told me to keep bread cold here… but for obvious reasons, it makes total sense and keeps it fresher. This goes for wraps and pitta bread too.

Snack baskets – I’ve been seeing a lot of these basket ideas circulating and I think they’re great! Have a basket in the fridge that has little bags of pre cut fruits, cheeses, pouches, yoghurts and sandwiches so the kids can just grab what they feel like when they want a snack. Same goes for in a drawer or on the counter. You could have a basket with mini bags of crackers, popcorn, raisins… whatever your children love and they can be available for snacking when they are running in and out or handy to throw in your cooler if you are off to the beach.

Eggs – there are so many options when it comes to eggs, from hard boiled to omelettes, salads to muffins, which are great for using up what needs to be eaten in the fridge!

They freeze and cool in the fridge well so could also be heated for a fast breakfast or lunch.

If using from the freezer just make sure to defrost completely and heat until piping hot!

Beach/pool days – speaking of a cooler, I don’t think there’s anything more traditionally Maltese! Packed to the brim with a days worth of food, there’s nothing nicer than homemade snacks at the beach! You can get the cold packs from lidl or any home store. Packing your cooler with ftira, melon, dips and whatever you love is a great way to be prepared for a beach day, especially if you go a lot and don’t want to be eating out of restaurants on the beach every day.

Freezer treats – I think we’ve all had a home made frozen lolly of some sort over the years and it’s a great way to make healthier treats. You can buy cool moulds from Tiger and fill them up with whatever you like and get creative! Also a great way to use up yoghurt that might be expiring soon or fruit that’s looking like it’s had better days. Whack it in the blender and then your mould and you’ve a  Smoothie ice-pop in a few hours.

cold drinks – there’s nothing worse than being patched in this climate only to find you’ve forgotten to keep some beverages in the fridge! Try make it a habit to keep your fridge stocked with juices and water as well as having some Ice in freezer. I love keeping lemons and limes in the fridge too so I can spruce up any drink!

I hope that’s given you some ideas for summer snacking! Summer is to enjoy, whatever that means for you so plan ahead a bit and free up more time for relaxing while the kids are taken care of xx

Kim Kiernan

Makeup Artist & Beauty Columnist

Kim provides professional makeup services in Malta for any occasion, working in all areas of makeup including Bridal, photographic, television, film and special effects as well as teaching makeup lessons one to one and to groups. With over 10 years experience, Kim has worked with the biggest and most sought after brands in the industry, internationally with MAC, Smashbox and Estee Lauder in Dublin and Toronto and most recently, heading the MAC Cosmetics brand in it's launch in Malta.

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