Easy toddler meals for when you don’t want to think about it!

I’m still a first time Mammy and
Everything is still so new to me. I’m lucky I have amazing friends who are also first time mammys as well as some seasoned mama friends and relatives to look to for advise and realise that I am doing everything just fine!
So for this post, seen as all of us are constantly group chatting because of the situation,I asked them all to send me their favourite quick meals.
I thought that being home all the time at the moment would see me being more adventurous with my sons day to day but if I’m honest, it’s been harder and not how I imagined at all! He’s not burning off as much energy and demands all of my attention so getting things done is a task and a half. Trying new activities are short lived and we end up just doing the same things day to day for the most….. do you know what though? That’s absolutely fine! I’m not going to beat myself up about trying to do something new all the time because it doesn’t work for us, comfort and getting through boredom is what’s working for me right now and having easy options that work are the best!

Here’s what everyone is saying:

Anything with Pasta!
The general consensus among us all!
It’s one of the easiest things to make a meal of with anything in your cupboards, especially now we don’t have the luxury to just pop out to the shops everyday.
Ham and cream cheese, passata with garlic and grated cheese, bolognese, sausage, pasta with left over veggie sauce….and cheese! See where I’m going with this. Crowd pleaser, nutritious and done! refrigerates well for next day too.

Canned fish
Tuna or salmon fillet tins are so handy to squeeze a little mayo in and serve with some toast or crackers, cheese and fruit.
5 minutes and you’ve hit all the food

Cheese toasties
A favourite for kids and adults, serve with a yoghurt and some fruit. Another 5 minute pleaser.

Ok, I’m not saying to give pouches all the time, but Conor loves them as a snack and they are nutritious and the most convenient things ever invented. I always have a stash especially for fussy days when everything else is thrown on the floor I can keep my mind at ease knowing he’s getting something good.

Sheet pan meals
The idea is to have everything on one oven tray to save on wash up and too much things all over the place.
One of my friends loves making pizza wraps this way by putting some tomato base on the wrap, followed by cheese and whatever topping. This seemed a popular one among us all.
Chicken goujons and oven chips can also be done on one tray as well as waffles with fish fingers.

Hummus and veg sticks
Hummus and crackers with with fruit and veg sticks and yoghurt has to be the quickest thing ever while keeping it healthy. Conor will eat the hummus off carrots and celery and not the vegetable right now but I’m exposing him to them which is what counts, so I believe!

Beans on toast… do I need to say more?
Mash them in if your babs isn’t ready for the size of them yet. If you’ve never melted cheese on top, do it and thank me later!

Buttery Mash and beans
I love this myself and it’s a handy one for when you just can’t think of anything.

I felt I had to make this Pinterest worthy porridge every morning and sometimes I’d be up through the night and so exhausted that I’d dread breakfast!
Now, my go to quickies are whole grain Cheerios or weetabix, throw in a banana and a bit of honey for good measure and it’s just as nutritious.
Speaking of breakfast, sometimes, simple toast, butter and jam does it too.

We all want our kids to be well fed and be getting all they need but this doesn’t mean having to have the most adventurous looking thing we see on the internet. The everyday basics are just as good and we tend to get caught up in trying to be perfect so let go guys! Just take it all in and don’t be so hard on yourself. And breathe.


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