Golden Girl says – Eat Away Fishies!

I’d always wanted to try out fish pedicures as a friend had told me they were ‘interesting’. fish tank fishy feetWalking past one in Sliema called “Bubbles”, I decided to give it a go.

As I saw the huge tanks filled with water I couldn’t help but think how dirty the water must get if everyone puts their filthy feet in. Especially as everyone walks around in sandals or flip flops. Just take a look at the colour of your feet after a day out in open shoes and you’ll quickly understand. I needn’t have worried about this as the first thing the staff do is wash your feet thoroughly with warm water and soap and cover up blisters or open cuts with plasters. So before you even put your feet in the tank you get a foot massage! Brilliant!

Then they put these funny blue protections on your feet, like the ones you get at the airport when you’re asked to take your shoes off at the x-ray machine. These are to stop your feet getting dirty from the sink to the tank. So the equivalent of three steps.

Then the fun starts! I dipped my feet in the tank and I burst out laughing, I saw about one hundred little fish suck up to either one of my feet and the feeling was so strange! It was like having millions of mini hoovers stuck to your feet! I removed my feet from the water almost immediately and then dipped them in more slowly and got used to the feeling. Once I got used to the feeling, it was very relaxing. I spent most of the time watching these little creatures at work, they were quite fascinating. They are incredibly fast workers.

It was a very fun experience, I chose to take 15 minutes and the time went by very quickly. My feet felt all soft at the end. I was told the fish eat away all the dead skin off your feet and ankles. I can’t imagine what their digestive systems look like! They never seem to stop eating!


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