Feed your body, mind and soul at Sanya

Sanya Malta offers relaxing treatments, inspiring yoga classes and healthy and detoxing juices.

The Sanya complex is located on a hill with stunning views over Malta. The facilities are well designed. Upon entering, the scent of a mixture of herbs and spices greets you and immediately from nose to your soul you are made to feel calm.

The staff of Sanya are helpful and welcome you with a kind and patient attitude that makes you feel like you can finally leave the daily life of stress behind. Calming music makes the setting perfect and the juice and snack bar offer healthy nourishment.

But to give you are more detailed insight into the world of Sanya, we interviewed owner, Yasmin de Giorgio.

What can you tell us about Sanya? It is a very big project and it has a lot of different dimensions to it. You can say it is a result of my own change in lifestyle over the past maybe seven years, from living just standard, quite stressed out, a lot of unhealthy food, drinking and smoking, to getting more into heath, diet, yoga, meditation and the more I started practicing these things in my life, the more I realised how happy they make you and I wanted to share these things with others and that was my motivation to start Sanya.

What exactly do you offer at Sanya? Sanya is a 1000m sq spa offering more holistic perspective as well as yoga classes, mediation, workshops, we do have an organic juice bar and we also have a natural clinic.

Can you tell us something about the different Yoga Courses you do offer? The main thing that we do is classes, one-off classes, that people can try something new mostly in the field of mindfulness and yoga. Most teachers would take a theme for a different kind of month, to choose from a specific theme, aspect and style.

Do you need a membership to attempt these classes? No, they only thing you need a membership for is to visit the Spa but we also do have day memberships.

So, you do welcome tourists as well? And do they have to register themselves? Yes, we do welcome tourists! If they are coming to just use the Spa they can walk in and if they are coming for a treatment or for a class, then it is better to book in advance.

What kind of classes do you exactly offer? So there is Hatha Yoga, which is a very traditional kind of yoga. Its simpler with more concentration on the breath and feeling the body of your pose and it is physically not very challenging. Then we do have Vinyasa classes which is a more dynamic style with more movements. You do hold the possess a little bit longer and it overall generates more heat in the class.  These are probably the two main styles. Then we do have classes that do focus on meditation so the class will and with a 15 minutes guided meditation.

Do you need any experience to join these classes? No, usually our reception team will guide new users and give them advice wish class is better for them.

How much does it cost to attempt a class? A drop-in class is €12, just a one-off class and if you want to come and use the Spa for a whole day it is €23. We do have some offers for a week for Yoga and Spa as well.


To find more information about the Sanya Spa, feel free to visit their Facebook-Page.



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