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blancThe arrival of the hot Mediterranean summer inevitably conjures thoughts of blue sea, light breezes and relaxed days by sun kissed beaches, finished off with great seafood dinners at sunset time. It seems appropriate, then, that the Mediterranean is also home to a number of vineyards that produce exactly the kind of crisp, thirst-quenching white wines which we all crave in this type of setting. The Maltese, at the very centre of the Mediterranean and with Malta’s summer now in full swing, play no less a part in this envied lifestyle. Being very well aware of this, during the past year local winery Marsovin, has been working towards producing a white wine which just fits the bill, the result is Blanc de Cheval.

It is no secret that Malta’s annual consumption of white wines is larger than that of red wine, this is mostly attributed to the Maltese and the large influx of tourists demanding fresher white wines during the summer months, thus Marsovin felt the need to provide the wine market with another Maltese white wine at Premium level. The name Blanc de Cheval coming from the notion of it being the white wine version of the already established premium red wine -Cheval Franc.

Blanc de Cheval is a Private estate selection wine, meaning that it is made from grapes which our grown and managed by the Marsovin Winery. Chardonnay is the dominant grape vartiety complemented with a small percentage of Pinot Bianco to add complexity and aroma, both varieties grown at the Ramla Valley Estate in Xagħra, Gozo. The location of this Estate particularly favours the growth of the noble grape variety, Chardonnay. The hillsides shelter the vines from the long hot summer days and the cool breeze coming from the bay helps the crop to retain its high acidity level, in turn producing wine with intense fruity aromas supported with a very pleasant level of acidity which gives the wine its fresh mouthfeel and good structure.

These handpicked grapes are harvested around the second week of August when Marsovin’s viticultural team have decided that the fruit to acid ratio in the grape has reached an optimal level, picking a few days earlier or later will effect the end result of the wine. Once picked the ball is passed onto the oenologist who’s main role is to bring out the best of the grapes natural flavour precursors by respsecting what has already been created in the vineyard. The grapes are softly pressed, and left to ferment slowly in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks without any oak ageing of sorts, in order to ensure maximum freshness and fruit expression.

The result is a medium bodied white wine with distinct fruity aromas of citrus and apples bursting into zesty fruity flavours on the palate and ending with a pleasant lingering finish. The suggested food accompaniment would be most fish, prawn and shellfish dishes. The wine can be also very well enjoyed in the winter months with white meats and a creamy lobster bisque, served slightly chilled at 10°C to 12°C.

This special wine keeps on adding to the variety of wines the Maltese wine industry has to offer at Premium level and will certainly turn out to be an ambassador for Maltese white wines.

Blanc de Cheval will be available for sale in all leading retail and restaurant outlets. For more info kindly email:

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