Film Review: Joker

This week don’t miss the release of what will soon be one of the greatest films in the world. Joker tells the dark story of the birth of a famous villain in DC Comics’ comic books. Created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane, he initially appears initially in Batman. Throughout his appearances, whose form will evolve with the times, the Joker is portrayed as a very intelligent character, master of crime. Todd Phillips has succeeded in making a staggering feature film that overturns the codes of the heroic films we are used to seeing.

The American director, known for the “very bad trip” trilogy, has achieved a feat with the release of the movie Joker. For its American launch, Joker exceeded all expectations with an impressive $93.5 million start at the US box office. A new record for a start in October. The recipe is no less impressive at the global box office where Joker has already made $234 million while it has not yet been released in all countries.



The action may have taken place in the 1980s as we could guess thanks to the clothes style; street décor and the lack of technology as we are used to seeing today. But Joker fits perfectly into our time, when people and elites seem to have become irreconcilable.




This feature film tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who is attacked as he walks the streets of the city dressed as a clown. Despised by all and scorned, he gradually went mad to become the Joker, a dangerous psychotic killer. As we progress through the film, his diabolical laughter becomes more and more present, which increases the tragic aspect of this film. Full of thrills, we even notice that this mysterious character is beginning to take pleasure in killing. Centered on a comic book character, this film, contrary to what one might think, doesn’t use excessive special effects.

Joaquin Phoenix, as the mad joker, offers us a breathtaking performance, so much so that his interpretation of the Joker has been named as the best. Worrying and dramatically intense, Joaquin Phoenix has achieved a feat by interpreting all the nuances of madness, from the most internalised to the creepiest. The physical transformation of the actor is equally impressive: This man lost for 18kg to put himself in the shoes of his character. Joaquin Phoenix is unrecognisable!

An extraordinary acting experience that is accompanied by a spectacular staging. Your eyes will be overwhelmed by what they see as your heart vibrates with suspense. Don’t miss this real show which will probably be the film to watch at the end of the year.


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