Fish Pedicure

The fish pedicure refers to the immersion of the feet in a pool filled with fishes, which will operate smoothly to get rid of your dead skin.

The Garra Rufa: a fish that wants you good

Garra Rufa, also called “doctor fish”, is native to Turkey. For centuries, it has been renowned for treating skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis in its natural environment.

Garra Rufa is the only species of fish allowed for fish pedicures, because this little fish has no teeth. Indeed, the Garra Rufa operates a natural exfoliation of the feet thanks to its suction mouth; without pain, this practice helps to get rid of dead skin in a natural way.

The course of a fish pedicure session :

When making an appointment, you will be asked to remove your nail polish at home and not to coat your feet with cream on D-Day, in order to respect the environment of the fish. Also remember to wear knee-high pants and socks instead of a tights.
Before each fish pedicure, the manager checks that you have no infection (mycosis type or plantar wart). Finally, your feet will be disinfected and rinsed scrupulously before being immersed. The immersion lasts between 15 and 30 minutes in general.
Feelings diverge: some speak of caresses, others of tickling … In any case, the fish pedicure is a pleasant moment. You can then extend the pleasure of the treatment by modeling and applying a cream or oil.

The Fish Lounge in St Julian’s is a really good place to go, they also have other shops in Malta

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