Fresh rainbow salad

I recently got inspired by a dish containing chickpeas, celery and red cabbage. So I bought all these ingredients, but processed them in a whole new and healthy way. Serves 2.



1/4 of a red cabbage

1 small romaine lettuce

2 celery stalks

1 pepper bell (not green)

1/4 of a cucumber

100 g cocktail tomatoes

1branch of fresh herbs (coriander, parsley, basil)

salt & pepper, to taste

olive oil

½ an aubergine

100 g roasted chickpeas

1 package of goat cheese

hummus (as much as you like)

FotoTo start, slice your cabbage in half, then slice each half in half again to quarters. After that, cut the quarter you need for the salad into slices (not too thin, not too thick), and roughly chop it.

Same with the romaine lettuce, roughly chop the lettuce leaves.

Take the celery stalks and chop them, too. The pepper bell needs to be sliced into strips and then cut in thirds. Cut the cucumber into slices and then into quarters. Cut the cocktail tomatoes in halves.

For the fresh herbs, take whatever you prefer and roughly chop it.

Put everything in a big bowl. Add a vinaigrette of salt, pepper and olive oil and mix it. Put it aside.

Cut the aubergine into about half an inch slices. Take a non-stick pan. Add a little bit of olive oil and heat. As soon as the oil is hot, put the slices in and salt and pepper them. Take care that there is always enough oil in the pan so that it won’t burn. When you feel that one side is ready, turn the slices. When they are done, put them on a plate (if you feel they are too oily, put them on a kitchen roll first to lose some of the oil).

In the meanwhile take a little pan and heat it. Put the roasted chickpeas in it, salt them and roast until they are of a golden brown colour (adding salt and roasting them again gives an even better flavour). Put them in a little bowl to cool down a bit.

Take the goat cheese and cut it into quarters. Put it onto the plate with the eggplant slices. Add hummus to the plate for some more flavour.

You can eat the aubergine slices, goat cheese and hummus separately or mix it into the salad. The roasted chickpeas are for the topping.





Monique Chambers

Monique started indulge in 2011 and has since created Indulge Me GIFT and Indulge Me FOOD and volume 1 of The Artists Directory - Malta. A marketing professional by trade, Monique's passion is to promote local talent and Malta in general. Free time is her biggest indulgence, when she can tinker in her craft room or the kitchen, or be selfish with a book, the sofa and good glass of wine (of course, wearing something beautiful and with freshly coiffed hair!)

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