Friday karaoke night

Don’t have a plan for Friday or Saturday night? You should definitely try a karaoke bar in St. Julian’s.

It was Friday night when me and my friends were wandering around St. Julian’s and came across Open Waters. The rating on Google Maps wasn’t the best, but we gave it a try and weren’t disappointed. We sat down at the table, and when the first song and drink came in the night could begin.

After few songs, we finally gained the courage to sing too. There were two big screens, one was dedicated to football and the second one to karaoke. Our table voted for Dancing queen from ABBA. The DJ was super nice, and it didn’t take long till we took our time to shine. Well almost, they started playing Mamma Mia from ABBA, but we remembered the show must go on we enjoyed it like it was our own concert.

The atmosphere in the restaurant depends on the people and it will be different every night, but we were super excited, and it was a lot of fun. The guests sang mostly slow or non-English songs, but at least we learnt something new.

I can’t rate the food in this restaurant because we didn’t eat there, but I can say that the prices for drinks are very reasonable. The restaurant has passable toilets, and it is dog and kid friendly.

The biggest cons for us were slow and confused service, but on the other hand, because it is a big place there is almost 100% certainty that you will find a free table.

The Open Waters offer karaoke nights on Fridays or Saturdays, but you can definitely find another spot in St. Julian’s during the workweek.

The addressee: ix-Xatt Ta’ San Ġorġ, San Ġiljan

Iva Svitakova

Iva is a student from Czech Republic, who is going to spend 3 months here in Malta, thanks to Erasmus+. She loves reading, crafting, and spending time with her family and friends. She cannot wait to see the world because it has so much to offer. She indulges with good cinnamon dessert, silly movies, and second-hand shopping.

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