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biking 3When I was offered to go mountain biking with MC Adventure, I went straight for it, as I love riding bikes…in the city. As it says in the name, mountain biking is not the same as a ride on tarmacked roads, I soon discovered…..

We set off to the area near Hagar Qim Temples, that day we were actually filming for an Italian travel show about Malta. I made live a TV star and mounted my bike and set off. There was a group of 4 other people with me. As we were filming; the aim was to ride past a camera man hidden in the bushes that could capture the passing by of the bikes (and the falls!). This usually meant doing the shot more than once, so a lot of waiting around and climbing back up to pass the camera once more.

biking 2I got quite a shock when I launched myself down this rocky hill for the first time, it was at this point I realised the roads weren’t quite like my native Paris. It was extremely bumpy and I almost fell off ….. a few times. But I did learn and after the first hill I went on more slowly and cautiously. The other people in the group were clearly experts in mountain biking so they whizzed off at top speed down these slopes so I found it very hard to keep up.

biking 1The valley by the temples is all downhill at first, with the same rocky styled paths that were quite scary. The helmet I had on didn’t feel like it would be much use as I was more concerned about badly scraping my bare arms and legs if I fell. In fact this probably took some fun out of the experience as I was worrying too much. After a few more skids and bumpy descents of hills, it was time to climb back up what we had ridden down, which was extremely physical I must say, especially under (what felt like) desert sun. Tip –  make sure you have plenty of water! I felt so proud of myself getting round the course though.

Overall the experience was great fun, you get to take in the beautiful views of the sea in the distance as well as the temples.

I would suggest you know how to ride a bike well if you want to go mountain biking, as there are real rocky climbs and descents and there are no straight paths. It is not for the feint hearted. I’m just glad I didn’t fall off in the end and especially not in front of the cameras!

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