Golden Girl Goes Diving Down

DivingI had always wanted to try out diving, although my first experience snorkeling in the Maldives was terrifying for some reason to me. But diving and snorkeling are two different things I told myself, so I gave it a go.

I chose to dive with Aquaventure who are situated in the Mellieha Bay Hotel, near one of the best diving spots in Malta. I’m very glad I chose them, first of all because the experience was so amazing, but also because they have a prime location for diving and the staff are so nice and helpful. They offer all sorts of courses, not just beginners ones (like me!). You can take a four day course to be able to dive alone at the end of it, but they also rent out equipment if you are an independent certified diver and just need the cylinders.

As I was a beginner, I first had to fill out a questionnaire concerning my level of health. Once I had passed that, it was time for a theory lesson. At this point I realised how serious everything was and how important it was to know what to do in case I lost my mouthpiece or ran out of air. The instructor showed me some sea life to avoid like jellyfish or these weird looking underwater millipedes that sting.

Once the theory was done it was time to try on some equipment and head to the pool. Getting into the wet suit was like getting into a pair of extremely tight jeans, ladies you will relate to this! Then the canister of air was put on my back for me and I almost fell backwards it was so heavy! Funny moment.

I waddled up to the pool with all this heavy stuff on me and made my way into the pool. We tested out some situations underwater like losing our mouthpiece, getting water in our mask, running out of air etc. I was quite terrified at this point and was hoping and praying this wouldn’t happen once in the ocean.

We set off to … which was a five minute drive away and I got an adrenaline rush. I was quite scared. I stepped into my gear, this time leaning forward when the air canister was on my back so I wouldn’t topple over again!

Then the fun started! Once in the water I felt totally at ease and let myself stop panicking about what would happen if I did this or lost that. The feeling was amazing being underwater with all these creatures. One of the first things I saw were the millipede things I had been told about previously and they were everywhere, so I kept away from them. It was a spot with a lot of divers so I had to watch out and not swim into one above me or underneath me. The mask you have on really reduces your peripheral vision and I almost swam into people a few times.!

Back to the marine life, I was able to hold a couple of starfish in my bare hands, saw an octopus’ eye from under the rocks, found some sea urchin skeletons and swam with lots of different types of fish. The good thing about the site I went to, was that there were pools with different depths that went from 2 meters to about 20. I didn’t go further than 12 meters, but it was quite fascinating how the water temperature dropped the further you went down. I actually felt cold at one point, yes cold in Malta! Depending on how heavily you breathe, you can usually dive between 30 and 45 minutes. The time goes by so quickly though.

I am so pleased I finally did this and it’s an experience I will remember all my life. I would definitely do it again!

For more information : Aquaventure

+356 2152 2141


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