Golden Girl Goes Sailing In The Sky

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Sitting on the beach, you often see huge parachutes out at sea, which are para-sailors. I thought I’d give it a go and it was on of the best experiences I’ve had in Malta (so far…..)

I picked “Sun and Fun Malta” in St George’s bay in the Corinthia hotel resort after asking around for the company with a good reputation and prices. I got a bit lost walking round all of the bay, then found out the number 120 bus stops just outside, so don’t make the same mistake as me, and either go by car, or walk (From Pacevill, turn left after Hugo’s terrace. The entrance is further up the hill near the Corinthia hotel, then walk down to the sea).

First of all you board a speed boat which takes you out further into the bay, you step into your safety harness and before you know it you’re clipped to the parachute. At this point I felt a bit nervous, but once you’re lifted into to the air by the wind and chute, you feel like you’re flying and I couldn’t get rid of the smile off my face.

You have an amazing view off the sea onto the coast – Paceville, St Julian’s, Sliema… The feeling is just so impressive, it’s just like being a bird and flying. Dare to look straight down onto the sea and you’ll see all the other boats and jet skis doing cool maneuvers through the waves. This is probably the best part; getting a bird’s eye view of what’s happening below you. You’re easily lifted 30 meters and the feeling is at the same time terrifying but amazing!

Once they bring you down to land, you get the chance (or not, depends how you see it) to be dipped in the sea, with the parachute still above you. Then you’ll come in to land on the back of the boat!

The good thing is you get to experience parasailing but also a speed boat trip – since you’re taxied out at sea – with a wonderful sensation of the waves hitting the boat. You feel so free!

So pluck up the courage to live this amazing experience, you definitely won’t regret it, even if you think you’re scared. It really isn’t that terrifying, once you’re up in the sky you’ll never want to come down!

And ask someone to video you from the boat, the footage is usually quite funny to look at afterwards!

For more information :

Sun and Fun Malta

00356 21373822


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