Golden Girl goes Zip Lining

zip lining 3 I had always imagined that propelling myself down some rope in mid-air would be terrifying. I was wrong, zip lining is so much fun!

I chose to go with MC Adventure, which also do plenty other activities like rock climbing, sea level traversing, mountain biking, abseiling… (Reviews about those to come!!)

They take you to a deserted rocky area on the West coast where there’s not a soul except a couple of fishermen making their way down to the sea. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and it feels almost as if you are in the middle of a rock desert. There is no shade by the way so be sure to bring the necessary gear for the heat! The ropes are set up and then you’re good to go.

I stepped into the harness and couldn’t help looking at the drop between the ground and I. It wasn’t actually that high (20 meters), but it was my first time zip lining so everything seemed so impressive. I had adrenaline rushes just as you get before boarding a rollercoaster and I couldn’t wait to launch myself off the cliffs. I do say launch, because if you don’t, you’ll end up dangling in the middle of the rope, so be sure to give yourself enough power to get you to the other side. Especially as it adds to the feel; going fast is the point!

zip lining 2Once I was ready I propelled myself forward about the rocks and the feeling was amazing! Actually the first thing I thought of was to avoid hitting the rocks, but you’re so high it’s impossible. Once you get passed that thought, take in what’s happening, it’s like flying for a few seconds. I found I couldn’t keep a smile off my face, and looking back at the pictures confirmed this. It was so much fun!

I found after my first time was over that I had been too worried about everything, since it was a first for me, so I would strongly recommend to do it multiple times to be able to really enjoy zip lining!

If you’re taken to the same place as me, there is an amazing spot down in the cliffs were you can swim after. If you make your way down to the water, you will run into a tiny rocky beach. I dove off the rocks into the refreshing sea which felt like a blessing after having spent a morning under the scorching sun.

For more information : MC Adventure

+356 7751 4963


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