Golden Rules of Patience

Have patience with yourself. We are not our past or our stories. We are not what we do or what others think of us. We are not our achievements or failures. We are.. limitless. Mostly…we still ARE even if circumstances around us change. Emotionally, it’s only our egos that die from time to time.

Have patience with your expectations.Things don’t always go the way you plan them . Respect what you feel. Respect your freedom to choose, at any point in time.

Plans do not determine who you are, what you can be or what you can do. It’s choices that do. It’s the way you react to your outside circumstances that stand to say something about you.

Have patience with your peers. There is so much you can’t see and can’t begin to understand behind the reaction of another…don’t try to change others. Just love them. Love is what changes us.

Have patience with your fears. Learn to use them as a motivator instead of an inhibitor. Change “I can’t” with ” Why not?”

Have patience with your present. We live carrying our past, and planning to our future missing everything that is already here now. .

Experiences are what you make of them. Life is how you choose to see it. Cultivate a lot of gratitude inside yourself for everything that is here now. It’s all that ever is.The past is dead and the future never comes.

Have patience with your feelings. We’re meant to paint with resounding emotions. We’re meant to uncover and see life from different angles, it’s something I’m deeply grateful for.

Feeling. It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s a moment in time, to be followed by another. It’s something more to experience. There is no permanent state of being.

Have patience with the truth. How a situation may be interpreted varies from one person to another. I advocate empathy. Encouraging each other more.  Learning to see the positive that is in every situation.

Have faith. Faith is an intrinsic part of patience, it’s the calm you have because somewhere inside you feel everything is going to be fine, even if you don’t know how. :)

Stay blessed all,


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