Green Energy Investment Startup Crowdfunds on Zaar

A crowdfunding campaign now live on local platform, Zaar, aims to change how the world invests in renewable energy.

GreenView Energy – a startup created by four young entrepreneurs – was born of a conversation in which they noticed the market inefficiencies, as well as the lack of affordability, of installing solar panels and using green energy. 

Addressing this issue, their online platform crowdsources green investments from people around the world. GreenView Energy then uses these funds to install free solar panels on the roofs of small to medium enterprises in Italy, who pay a fee for the solar power they consume through the system – in return for thousands saved on their energy bills and the opportunity to consume more green energy. By investing through the GreenView Energy platform, investors will not only offset their own carbon footprint, but will find a good rate of return while also helping businesses struggling with rising energy costs following the pandemic and ongoing war in Ukraine.

“We are making the process of owning solar panels digital,” explains Matteo Saglia, CEO of GreenView Energy, who founded the concept alongside CFO Lucas Schäfer, Head of Sales Andrea Giacone and Head of Marketing McKalee Mooney. “No such thing, to our knowledge, exists. This expands the growth possibilities of renewable energies to a new level. Many more people can now access solar panels and overcome the limitations currently found in the market. Much like crowdfunding, anyone can invest any amount they want to support the building of a solar power system and make a difference to our planet. Although we have invested a lot of our time and money in this project, we are young and need your help to bring our idea to fruition. We hope you can help us empower the future!” 

The GreenView Energy team launched the crowdfunding campaign on Zaar earlier this month to raise the €3,500 required to cover the high legal, administrative and bureaucratic costs involved in the final stages of creating the business, which is already quickly gaining interest in the market from experts and investors alike.

As well as receiving one of a series of rewards from thank-you packs to corporate packages according to the amount donated, campaign backers on Zaar can also make their own environmental impact through their donation, as Matteo highlights: “We want to prove to you that our commitment to the environment is real. As a company, we have partnered with Tree-Nation to offset our carbon footprint and run a net-zero website. In addition, for every €15 donated to us today, we will plant a new company tree and grow our forest.”

To donate to the Empowering the future, one solar panel investment at a time through GreenView Energy! campaign on Zaar, visit


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