Grounded in Love

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I feel connected to everything that is around me. I live in a state of freedom that is immense. I always choose to love.

A while back, I made a conscious decision to live my life. More so, to love my life. And I found no other way to love my life without loving all the people in it. To clarify, when I say love, I mean a state of permanent empathy, understanding and affection towards my kin. A state of non judgemental patience.

Years later, I feel so blessed. I feel surrounded, from every angle. I’ve never experienced such a state of safety inside and outside myself. No matter what happens, which relationships are born and which end, no matter the circumstances outside myself, positive or negative, there is a state of peace inside my soul.What happens or what doesn’t happen…is not that important anymore.

Even when I fret, there is a background noise in my mind which doesn’t allow me to stay worrying. A subtle feeling that everything works out, as long as I am patient. And it does.

Teams. I believe love doesn’t equate possession. I believe it equates the underlying feeling of wanting the best for your partner, in spite of what you may be feeling. Which is hard sometimes, mostly on our egos. I believe in relationships as teams. Communication, trust, harmony, fun, freedom, balance. Fortunately, I am surrounded by examples of such.

Thus, in all, believe in your paths & have patience. You won’t need to see a reason, or understand why things are the way they are. You will just need to keep going. Everything makes sense in the end, and by the time it does, it won’t even matter anymore. So, enjoy life now, it’s beautiful.:)

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